Why You Should Read the Label on Your Medical Marijuana Products
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Why You Should Read the Label on Your Medical Marijuana Products

The legalization of cannabis for its medicinal use has helped people benefit from the plant and even the manufacturers to make considerable profits. While the plant and its therapeutic properties are legit, some brands may not be. Just because it claims to be ‘medical marijuana’ shouldn’t be the reason enough to trust the brand or the product.

It is relatively easier to get your hands on marijuana, as in California medical cannabis card can be obtained by anyone who has a medical condition. Moreover, recreational marijuana is also legal in the state. But getting good quality marijuana can be an issue. This is one of the reasons why one should consider thoroughly reading the product label. Not only will it give an insight into the quality and ingredient list of the product, but it shall even help you understand the effects you can expect.

Importance of Reading Label on Medical Marijuana Products

People understand the importance of reading labels but do not necessarily practice doing the same. Mainly because they don’t know what to expect from the information written and sometimes because they don’t feel like investing much time. Neither of the excuses decreases the importance of labels or justifies irresponsible behavior of the consumer. Reading labels every time you are purchasing a product is essential, but the importance of labels multiplies when it comes to marijuana.

Marijuana is a federally illegal product that may be easily available in your state but is still not FDA approved. This suggests that product labels and lab tests are the only way to find out if the product you are purchasing is worth your money or not.

Reading labels on the product allows you to know the ingredients. It is a very common misconception that medical marijuana contains THC and CBD. Sure, these cannabinoids are present in your medical marijuana in a majority, but that is not all. It is essential to know what other cannabinoids and components of the cannabis plant are available in your stash.

The ratio and concentration of cannabinoids are not always the same. Every product has a different ingredient list and concentration in which each cannabinoid or ingredient is available. Not just that, even the CBD to THC ratio may be different, and it will influence the effects of the product. You are supposed to pick a ratio that would work for you.

Even the quantity of the product matters. You wouldn’t want to purchase two products of the same price in different quantities unless there is a considerable difference in the ingredient list. Therefore, it is important to know how much product you are getting and at what price to calculate and know the number of servings one jar shall offer you.

The Quality of the product can be interpreted from the Label. Any brand that is sure about its product quality would be as transparent as one can imagine. They won’t have to play any games or be scared of disclosing any important information for the consumer. This will present quality, not some brand with shady labels and incomplete information screaming “we serve quality.”

Information about the strain is vital to get expected effects. Different strains serve different purposes. For example, marijuana can both make you sleepy and get you active. It is a different marijuana strain that you will have to pick depending on your expecting effects.

Marijuana can have mild or strong potency, and that, again, can create a significant difference in the effects of marijuana. Like the ratio of THC and CBD, the potency of marijuana can alter the effects from therapeutic to dangerously intoxicating without even getting noticed. Usually, the potency of the bud and strain used is written on the label along with warnings or effects.

What Information Should You Expect?

A product label doesn’t necessarily have to mention every piece of information. Still, a few things that a brand cannot and should not omit if it wants its products to be recognized as legit, transparent, and of good quality.

  • The first and foremost has to be the strain. So the first thing that you are going to consider and choose is the strain as per your requirement and medical condition.
  • The potency of the flower shall be your second concern. If the potency of the flower or any product is not mentioned on the label, the brand is certainly trying to hide something. The product may not be effective and may not deliver the results as it may claim.
  • THC and CBD ratio is another critical piece of information that has to be mentioned on the label. Not everyone requires the same ratio, and the effects vary immensely. So a reliable brand will recognize the importance of mentioning the ratio and would not omit this information.
  • More often than not, a brand that has lab-tested products mentions that information on the product labeling. It is one piece of information that can significantly benefit both consumers and brands. If the lab test is not there, it must have information about the website to find the lab test. Make sure you choose a product that has undergone reliable, third-party lab testing.
  • It has to be mentioned on the label what ingredients are there in the product. Different cannabinoids, terpenes, and any added chemical should be presented clearly to the public to choose a product accordingly.

Final Words

Medical marijuana is usually considered good quality, but it is important to check the label yourself to be on the safe side. Quality of product and honesty of the brand can enhance your experience, and it can be miserably ruined by the lack thereof.

Why You Should Read the Label on Your Medical Marijuana Products



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