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Why You Should Read the Label on Your Medical Cannabis Products

Why You Should Read the Label on Your Medical Cannabis Products

Why You Should Read the Label on Your Medical Cannabis Products

The label of your medical dose of marijuana tells you a lot about the product. How safe is it? How potent? What are its ingredients? How much is its CBD/THC/cannabinoid concentrations? Are there any terpenes and flavonoids involved? If so, how much? Can the product lead to any allergies? When is the product expected to expire or lose its potential? Who is the manufacturer, and how can you contact them?

You can learn all of this and more from a single bottle or container of whatever marijuana product you’ve got in hand.

When buying a cannabis product, you must ensure that all these questions get answered. Why?

Here is a short guide to why you should read the label of your medical marijuana products and how.

Why Do You Need to Read the Label? 

When you apply for 420 evaluations online, your recommending physician is only responsible for guiding you in the right direction. They’ll write up a recommendation letter that’ll allow you to access high-quality and high potency cannabis products from dispensaries. This, however, does not mean that every product you find will be of good quality or best suited for you.

It is crucial to remember that the cannabis industry still lacks FDA regulations regarding the proper labeling and sale of cannabis. Even though the institution sends letters of warning and notices to companies that make false claims, their involvement is still limited.

This means that as a consumer and a medical marijuana patient, you must ensure that a product is worth using before you buy and consume it.

Here is why reading a label is crucial:

THC Concentration

Other cannabinoids aside, THC is that component of cannabis that can lead to a high in consumers. Buying a product with too high a THC concentration can lead to a bad trip post-consumption. Along with Delta 9 THC, knowing which cannabinoid you are consuming and by how much is crucial.

Right Dose

Every product comes with its own set of directions. For example, how much tincture amounts to a single dose might differ between different products.

Possible Allergies

A cannabis product has more ingredients than what can be extracted from weed. Other than the cannabinoids and terpenes, there are other additions such as carrier oils, gelatin, fragrances and flavors, and so much more that can be potential allergens for consumers.

Steps to Read an MMJ Label

You must ensure that what you’re consuming is of the highest possible quality and is second to none. You can consult your recommending physician or the budtender while buying your MMJ dose to ensure you get high-quality products.

Why You Should Read the Label on Your Medical Cannabis Products

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