Why Automatic Bud Trimming Machines are a Grower’s Biggest Ally During Harvest
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Why Automatic Bud Trimming Machines are a Grower’s Biggest Ally During Harvest

Harvest time is money time. Because you can finally make a profit after dedicating weeks to growing your favorite buds, and people who get from the dispensaries can be quite picky too, especially that they pay for these products. They want something that looks neat and potent. That’s where Automatic Bud Trimmers come in very handy.

Often designed for large capacities, Automatic Bud Trimmers are meant to be the lean and mean fighting machine that’s going to take your buds to a higher level. But there’s more to that, as these machines have added benefits to improving overall bud quality. So, why are Automatic Bud Trimming Machines the way to go during harvest?

They Produce Consistent Results

Automatic bud trimmers provide consistent trims every time. You don’t have to worry about quality deteriorating, as automatic bud trimmers are designed to tackle heavy loads and run for long hours. But, let’s face it, hiring more workers to trim can be impractical at a certain point. There’s human error, and workers get tired in the long run, which can compromise the quality of your yield. You can try hiring more workers to offset the fatigue, but would that be economical in the long run?

Automatic Trimmers Are Economical

While investing in an automatic trimmer will cost you money, these machines pay for themselves in the long run. Take this scenario as an example:

If you allot $25 an hour for a worker and each worker has an average capacity to trim 0.25 pounds of dry buds an hour, you will be spending $200 a day for each worker.

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Suppose you have 50 pounds of dry buds. That would mean spending $5,000 to trim all those buds, and you’ll need to hire 25 people to do the job in one day.

Add to that the possible inconsistencies in trimming and output due to fatigue and human error. As a result, you’re most likely not to meet the 50-pound target. And do you even have space for 50 people to trim buds?

Now, if you buy a trimming machine like the CenturionPro Tabletop, you’ll only spend a fraction of that total cost, plus the same amount per head, to hire a single operator. On its own, the CenturionPro Tabletop does the job of 16 people, and in a single day, this trimmer can handle up to 32 pounds of dry buds consistently. And in less than two days, this trimming machine would give you your ROI. Granted that you still have other overhead costs, succeeding uses will only provide you with more savings from not having to hire too many personnel.

Automatic Trimmers Provide An Added Layer Of Security

Suppose you’re able to hire 20 workers to trim by hand. But how sure are you that no one’s going to steal your harvest? An Automatic Trimmer provides added security since you get to limit the number of people operating the machine. If you notice a hefty amount missing from your buds when using a trimmer, you’ll have an idea who’s the culprit.

Automatic Trimmers Save You Time

The faster you send those buds to the dispensary, the sooner you get paid. And that’s what Automatic Trimmers do for you. By consistently working at a steady rate, Automatic Trimmers can trim quickly without sacrificing the quality of your buds. And the sooner you get paid, the earlier your trimmer pays off your investment.

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What are the best Automatic Trimmers in the market?

If you’re looking for an Automatic Trimmer, it’s highly recommended that you get a trimer that does wet and dry buds. Having a trimmer that does wet and dry means saving on space in your production line, and you get one machine to do all your buds. You can also trim before drying or after the whole process is done.

Among the Wet and Dry Trimmers in the market today, the best trimmers worth looking into are the machines made by CenutrionPro, which offers products designed for different trimming capacities. Another notable machine is those made by Twister Trimmers, which comes with an option for a fully modular conveyor system that improves your workflow a lot. There’s also the Resinator, which also features a Kief extraction kit to make the machine more efficient while processing massive harvests.


Automatic Trimmers enhance the overall productivity of your operations by providing consistency at a fraction of the time you need to do trimmings by hand. Add to the fact that Automatic Trimmers now employ improved technologies that also protect your buds from losing potency. That’s why Automatic Bud Trimmers are not just your biggest ally during harvest. They’re the best, too.

Why Automatic Bud Trimming Machines are a Grower’s Biggest Ally During Harvest

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