Vaping Marijuana: For a Healthier and Higher Way of Consuming Weed
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Vaping Marijuana: For a Healthier and Higher Way of Consuming Weed

Is vaping weed safe for the health? Expert says that recently, a large body of research has revealed that vaping marijuana has fewer side effects than smoking medical cannabis. However, it is widely accepted that smoke, whether it’s smoke from tobacco or weed, has dangerous effects on health.

But over the past few years, many marijuana card users have changed their method of cannabis used from smoking to vaping. The switch was mostly due to the assumption that vaping is healthier than smoking because it does not place the patient at risk for cancer-causing compounds, poisons, and tar from ingesting smoke into the lungs.

According to experts, vaping is being considered more and more because it is healthier for the lungs, heart, and body. Weed that is vaped also produces a stronger high. Therefore the secret of vaping comes from how the weed is consumed.

How to weed is consumed in vaping.

A medical cannabis vape machine heats the weed to around 350 F to 400 F. At these temperatures, the THC is released. Vapor from a chamber found below the weed-containing chamber of the vaporizer rises and gathers the THC. This weed-infused vapor is then inhaled. As you can see, nothing is burned, and the machine creates no smoke. The smoke you see is vapor, and this does not hurt the lungs at all.

There are many kinds of vaporizers to choose from. You may find basic, cheap models that usually resemble a pen with cartridges containing oils to balloon vaping machines. To make sure that you are using safe materials and equipment, invest in a high-quality vape.

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Differences of smoking weed and vaping weed

When you smoke tobacco or weed, you inhale dangerous carcinogens. Smoking is a cause of bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease, and cancer. When you regularly smoke, sticky deposits of tar are left in the lungs. Studies have shown that when cannabis is vaporized, most of the dangerous components are reduced or eliminated.

A 2010 study conducted by Mitch Earleywine at the University of Albany found that medical cannabis users with respiratory conditions like asthma, shortness of breath, and coughing have experienced improvements in their conditions in just a month of switching from smoking to using a vape pen.  He also noted objective improvements from the patients’ lung capacity.

As of today, there are no studies that say that vaping has life-threatening effects similar to smoking. However, a study in 2015 published in the New England Journal of Medicine said that if the temperature in a vape pen is very high, formaldehyde may be released. Formaldehyde is a component of tobacco and marijuana smoking that can cause cancer. However, the study also concluded that no formaldehyde is released if vaping cannabis is done at a moderately high temperature.

On the other hand, vaping provides a higher concentration of THC than smoking. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. Therefore, the high created by vaping cannabis is usually stronger. In addition, Vaping offers medical cannabis users a higher concentration of THC than smoking. It is also expected that you will likely get considerably higher the first time you vape marijuana than the first time you smoked weed.

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This effect is a plus but also something to be cautious about. This new research could also mean that vaping medical cannabis could lead to quicker development of tolerance. This could also lead to suffering from marijuana withdrawal at a quicker rate. Therefore, medical professionals should carefully dose medical cannabis to prevent these.

Based on the research, vaping medical cannabis is better for health and can improve symptoms as well. But this also provides a more potent high.

The different vaping devices available in the market

The table-top vaping device

The table-top vape is a device that sits on a table because it is heavier and therefore not portable. This is like a larger form of the nebulizer that you need to plug into work. A desktop vaporizer will allow the user to vape with improved precision. He will have more control over the temperature of his smoke. Therefore, he can fine-tune his experience.

Certain cannabinoids and terpenes activate at a specific temperature and have their own unique recreational and medical benefits. A quality vaporizer will provide you with the best flavors and strong medication at home.

Dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are usually portable, handheld, and easy to use. These are available in a wide variety of designs and shapes. There are varying features and price ranges, but these usually function the same way.

Dry herb vaporizes the herb and heats it to release vapors minus carbonization. There is no temperature control unless you are using expensive models. A handheld portable dry herb vaporizer can be held by the hand, similar to holding a cigarette stick.

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Concentrates and oils

Cartridges and oil vaporizers are the most popular and are also known as pen vaporizers. These are usually small and therefore very easy to hide in your pocket. In addition, these are mostly battery-powered and can provide powerful effects.

Deciding between flower and concentrates vaporizers are a big decision. Base your choice on your needs and what kind of experience you are looking for. You may want to try each one out and see what suits you before making your final decision.

Consider your usage

Using a vaporizer is undoubtedly very different from smoking weed and eating cannabis edibles and other forms. Depending on the type, the effect, and how long the user wants the experience to last, results could vary greatly.

If you are using cannabis because of medical reasons, consult your doctor regarding the ideal method of consumption. He will likely help you with the right dose and method to make sure that you get the best therapeutic effects.

For recreational users, try different strengths, types, and materials to see what works best for them.

Vaping Marijuana: For a Healthier and Higher Way of Consuming Weed

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