Using Smart Greenhouses Reduces Utility Costs by 60%
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Using Smart Greenhouses Reduces Utility Costs by 60%

Every grower loves his plants and the growing process is more than a trivial hobby that he practices for stress relief. His plants are his children, he gives them life and nurtures them until they are fully grown and independent. When so many hours are invested in their development, there is no greater joy than seeing great final results and the formation of a beautiful plant. Imagine that you can take your planting to some next level thanks to our modern technology plus innovative farming solutions. That is what awaits us in the near future as we are becoming an integral part of the Internet of Things.

Using Smart Greenhouses Reduces Utility Costs by 60%

What is the Internet of Things?

Welcome to the Internet of Things, where your phones, laptops, or vehicles are gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources by using smart sensors and smart meters. They use this data so they can calculate some optimal values or predict the best course of action for you to partake. Technology is meant to make our lives easier by saving our time, costs, or resources. We are slowly approaching this moment when every action we plan will be done in the most effective and time-consuming way that saves us from wasting energy and delivers the best possible results. Now imagine all of this applied to growing your beautiful plants.

What are smart sensors?

Greenhouses along with heating and ventilation systems are the infrastructure of your little garden of Eden. They often give us troubles and sometimes we have to improvise a lot to find original solutions, especially if we want our oasis to stay hidden from unwanted visitors. Now, with new technology plus the benefits that IoT brings into our backyard, we can spice things up and upgrade our planting to that next level. Imagine having a ventilation system that doesn’t have to be adjusted because it adjusts itself thanks to his smart sensors. These little helpers collect all data from your surroundings and then compress them into useful reports for decision making.

Small and medium-sized licensed private growers at AskGrowers also point out that using smart greenhouses does not require a large number of cannabis bushes. Even small cannabis growers can experience how easy and cost-effective growing is.

What are smart sensors?

They can be so tender that even the slightest variations in humidity do not escape their senses. This feature combined with an immensely huge database of worldwide web provides a powerful foundation for a decision making process. You can just let this smart technology do all the calculations for you so you do not have to second-guess everything and learn on trial and error. Your experience is a great asset plus it served you well in the past but a collective experience of millions of growers is now compressed into a database to provide you with the best possible solutions. It is like asking the experts from all around the world for some advice on seeding and ventilation adjustment and they all give you momentary solutions.

Greenhouse farming is a highly efficient method of growing plants that can significantly benefit from additional electric lighting. The necessary electricity associated with lighting the greenhouse is about 30% of its operating costs, depending on the type of plant.

The illumination level of LED lighting can be easily controlled. The system has the power to do this by itself. The lighting system collects historical data, as well as data on current weather conditions on-line and accurately select the right amount of light for plants.

According to the Springer: “Three simulations of LED lighting were conducted to grow plants in the southeastern United States using historical solar radiation data for the area. Lighting costs can potentially be reduced by 60%”.

Given the progress in the legalization process of cannabis, an increase in demand is expected. Thus, soon the problem will be the reduction in the cost of energy consumption and environmental friendliness of cultivation.

Smart meters and their application

We are one step closer to our dream of self-regulating microclimate that we can use for creating our beautiful plants. With these new powerful solutions, one can enjoy growing any quantity of plants and that doesn’t have to be a whole wide field. If you are satisfied with just a few selected plants, this new technology can enable you to enjoy your little greenhouse that optimizes growth conditions. Usage of sensors and smart meters enables unprecedented monitoring plus control of every stage of the growing process. Imagine being able to know exactly how much electricity or water are your plants consuming in every moment.

This data can be compared with previous utility reports and predictions can be made about future costs as well. This method can lead to reducing unnecessary costs or redistributing your resources to optimize your whole production process. Complete automatization of the growing process is just one step away with smart meters doing most of the work which puts you in an executive chair that makes all important choices based on collected data. It is not a question will you adopt this new technology but when will you do that, because every grower can only benefit from it.

HVAC system innovations

Implementing all these new stuff to create a perfect HVAC system is what we all anticipate and dream about. Imagine this perfect system of thermal comfort that provides your plants with the most optimal conditions for their development. Imagine air quality that is sustainable constantly thanks to the usage of smart sensors, smart meters, and IoT data network. All that unwanted dust, heat, and moisture will be a thing of the past thanks to new smart solutions that provide unmatchable indoor growing conditions. What is incredible about this new smart greenhouses is that new technology makes them easier to install and use. The expected reduction in costs more than compensate for this investment, and this is a longterm investment in your future.

Given the progress in the legalization process of cannabis, an increase in demand is expected. Thus, soon the problem will be the reduction in the cost of energy consumption and the environmental friendliness of cultivation. It is another important reason to be interested in, and subsequently, begin to use new methods of growing.

There is just one thing to remember. There is no school like an old school and growing experience plus your love for the plants cannot be replaced with any technology. Good old experience shouldn’t be replaced but new technology can certainly make things much better. We should embrace it and just use it to our advantage especially when it comes to such sensitive matters that our plant’s wellbeing depends upon. These new smart control systems use such state-of-the-art equipment that generates useful data and we shouldn’t be afraid that one day it will replace us, because who would then be left to enjoy our beautiful plants?

Using Smart Greenhouses Reduces Utility Costs by 60%

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