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Traveling with CBD – What do you need to know

CBD or Cannabidiol has several benefits, much against the popular myth. Nevertheless, people wish to keep CBD handy every time they travel and to wherever they travel. However, the common misconception is that it is illegal to carry CBD while traveling. This article is dedicated to busting that very myth of yours on traveling with CBD so keep reading!

Cannabis is illegal. True! But CBD is legal in several countries. The US is one of the recent countries to allow CBD and CBD-based products like CBD Oil. Unfortunately, people often confuse CBD with Cannabis, which is inevitable because both the former and latter have the same name. The point to note is that although CBD is legal in several countries, there are specific rules, laws, and regulations that you must follow while traveling with CBD and related products.

Traveling with CBD and its legality in the US

CBD and the related products with THC content limited to 0.3% are legal and safe to carry while traveling anywhere within the US. However, all the 50 US states with the word ‘legal’ have certain conditions imposed on them.

  1. Alaska – In Alaska, possession of CBD is legal. However, one cannot ship it from Alaska to elsewhere.
  2. California – California allows the use of CBD but not as a food additive.
  3. Idaho – In Idaho, one may not find CBD over the counter, but it still is legal.
  4. Maine – Maine, just like California, prohibits the use of CBD as a food additive.
  5. Missouri – Missouri permits CBD only for medicinal use specified under the ‘Hemp Extract Program.’
  6. Nebraska – Nebraska considers CBD legal but does not sell it over the counter.
  7. New Mexico – New Mexico legalizes CBD only if purchased from dispensaries or New Mexico Growers.
  8. North Dakota – The state of North Dakota has varied instructions for each of its cities.
  9. Oklahoma – Oklahoma allows CBD consumption only for those with epilepsy.
  10. Wisconsin – Wisconsin allows CBD only for medicinal uses.
  11. Wyoming – In Wyoming, CBD is allowed only for patients who have epilepsy.
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Traveling with CBD in Other countries that legalize CBD

  1. Canada
  2. Europe (Only 0.2% THC except in Slovakia.)
  3. Czech Republic (less than 0.2% THC)
  4. Italy (less than 0.6%)
  5. Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Israel, Hong Kong, and China (for medicinal usage)
  6. Japan (isolated and label)
  7. Argentina
  8. Brazil
  9. Columbia
  10. Uruguay
  11. Peru
  12. Chile
  13. Australia (for medicinal use, if prescribed by the doctor)
  14. New Zealand (for medicinal use, if prescribed by the doctor)

Travel tips

Products that contain CBD come in different forms, such as CBD oils, creams, and vapes. While traveling with any of these products, keep the following helpful tips in mind:

  1. Always check for guidelines issued by the Transportation Security Administration or the TSA.
  2. When carrying any CBD products such as gels, lotions, or edibles, abide by the TSA 3-1-1 rules.
  3. Always keep these products handy and avoid hiding them or burying them elsewhere within your luggage.
  4. Your checked-in baggage must never have any battery-operated devices, including vapes. Always carry the vapes in your cabin luggage.
  5. Avoid carrying Hemp Flowers or Hemp oil as it has a striking similarity with Cannabis, which is why it is still illegal in several countries.

General Airport and Cruise Guidelines for Traveling with CBD

Although CBD and CBD-based products are legal within the US, the legality varies from one country to another. Moreover, just like the US, even if CBD is legal in other countries, the states within the country may have different restrictions and boundaries. Therefore, as and when you change states, remember to look up the guidelines carefully because nobody wants to face embarrassment in the airport.

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Another critical point is to never leave behind CBD products at home while you are away traveling. Although it is okay in countries that allow CBD usage, it is a punishable offense in countries that do not allow CBD. Therefore, avoid fines and compensations by prohibiting the use of CBD.

Contact the cruise board directly rather than rely on online websites or a third person when on a cruise ship. One may not know, but cruise ships have scanners for security checks just like the airports do. So never aim at hiding your CBD products during the security check. Instead, keep them handy or inform the cruise beforehand.


The number of countries that legalize CBD will only increase shortly, thanks to the excellent benefits of CBD. However, it is advised to do thorough research on the laws and guidelines governing the shipping, consumption, and possession of CBD products. It is best to be sure than to mess with the laws.

Traveling with CBD – What do you need to know

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