Top 10 Mistakes Rookies Make When Cooking Edibles
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Top 10 Mistakes Rookies Make When Cooking Edibles

Many cannabis consumers are making their cannabis edibles these days – particularly consumers in areas where recreational or medical use of cannabis is legalized. As a rookie, you must also be excited about the idea of homemade edibles.

But making excellent edibles can be challenging, especially for beginners. Although making a couple of mistakes along the way is part of the process, it doesn’t mean you have to make all of them. Mail order marijuana is now a thing! You can get your products through the mail without the hassle of leaving your house.

Mistakes Rookies Make When Cooking Marijuana Edibles

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Here are the top 10 mistakes you should avoid when making cannabis edibles.

1.   Ignoring The Decarboxylation Process

It’s okay to crave for your homemade brownies, concentrates, and other edibles. But regardless of how badly you need it, taking shortcuts will yield undesirable results. If you ignore some important steps like decarboxylation, you won’t get the best end products.

To make quality edibles, the level of some of the best edibles Canada has, this process is crucial. Decarboxylation is a process by which the tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) present in cannabis plants converts to a useful form, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In its original state, THCA cannot release the desired effects.

When making edibles, you should bake your cannabis at 240 °F (115 °C) for about an hour. You must be keen to get the right temperature because too much heat destroys the cannabinoids, and too low heat won’t cause decarboxylation. If not baking using an oven, you can decarb with a slow cooker with cooking oils.

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2.   Using The Wrong Ratio

A specific ratio must be followed while cooking edibles. The right balance for all homemade recipes is 1: 1. You will experience unpleasant effects if the ratio is either too low or too high. Besides, the edibles won’t give the desired effects when the appropriate ratio is not used. Always mix equal parts of cannabis and other ingredients of your choice to get the best edibles.

3.   Grinding Your Cannabis Too Fine

Cannabis must be grounded after being decarboxylated. But don’t overdo it, making the particles too fine. This might compromise the potency and give the edibles an unpleasant taste.

4.   Improper Use of Concentrates

Getting it right when using concentrates takes time. While some like kief are easy to use, others like hash need enough preparation depending on its consistency. If you’re using a dry hash, you’ll need a food processor to grind it. But as for sticky varieties, simpy heat gently until they melt. Just remember that you need small amounts of concentrates since they are more powerful than regular cannabis.

5.   Forgetting to Stir

Rookies overlook the importance of stirring the ingredients while making their edibles. Stirring your edibles during preparation is vital for ensuring consistency. If you don’t stir the mixture properly, some edibles might be less potent than others. The end products are edibles with uneven dosing.

6.   Using Raw Cannabis

Raw cannabis lacks active cannabinoid components and a moderate terpene profile. Using raw cannabis won’t give you the maximum effects you might be hoping for from these edibles.  In fact, consuming such edibles might cause undesirable effects like nausea.

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7.   Rushing The Process

Making tasty and useful edibles is a lengthy process. Most rookies are too impatient while making their edibles. They usually miss the vital steps hence ruining their end products. You risk ruining your edibles if you rush through the preparation process. Start with understanding the edibles you are preparing. Then, follow the right directions on how to make the edible.

8.   Consuming Too Many Edibles In a Single Sitting

Homemade edibles are way potent than regular cannabis vaping or smoking. Their effects also last much longer. So many rookies overeat edibles in a single round. They consequently experience unpleasant feelings once the cannabinoids and other ingredients in the edibles start working.

9.   Not Testing The Potency of The Cannabis

Mastering various edible recipes isn’t hard. But what most rookies forget is to test the potency of cannabis in their edibles. Knowing the potency can help you determine what best goes with it in preparing the edibles. Also, check the benefits of the ingredients you infuse with your edibles to get the best edibles.

10.                  Using The Wrong Strains

Strains aren’t the same. The difference in the strains you use will be noticeable in your edibles. Rookies usually infuse the wrong strains while making their edibles. But strains determine the potency of the final cannabis edibles.

Don’t expect optimal effects from your edibles if you use the wrong strain. Use a strain that suits your potency needs. So, only make edibles using a highly potent strain if you want more substantial effects. Infuse your edibles with weaker strains for moderate effects, especially when getting started with cannabis edibles. Remember, how perfect the edibles you end up with is largely determined by the strain you choose.

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Despite how hard it might seem, making edibles isn’t challenging even for rookies. Anyone can make the finest possible edibles no matter their experience. Avoid these ten mistakes when cooking your own edibles at home, and you’ll end up with more delicious and powerful products.

Top 10 Mistakes Rookies Make When Cooking Edibles

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