Three Most Suitable Marijuana Seeds for Beginners
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Three Most Suitable Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

So you’ve decided that going to the dispensary regularly is being economically unfeasible for you. So then, you figured it was time to start growing your own pot plants. But, unfortunately, you became a little puzzled by the idea of strains.

Now, questions are arising within your brain about which seed you should start growing. Which are the most efficient, and what about yields? Is it even worth the time and energy?

Do not let those questions overwhelm you because we are here to help. Below are the three best pot seeds for beginners and some valuable grow information for each variety?

What Makes Marijuana Strain Easy to Grow?

Marijuana strains are not all the same. Years of nonstop testing and cloning for positive traits have culminated in an overabundance of varieties. The vast amount of options available may be daunting, but that doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn what you should look for in a marijuana strain as a beginner grower.

When it comes to harvesting as easily and as possible, growing an auto-flowering variety of marijuana is often the best option. Here are some signs that show a Marijuana strain is easy to grow:

  • Resistant and Forgiving

Auto-flowering strains are usually easy to cultivate. However, keep in mind that you are on a tight deadline. The first 6 weeks must pay very close attention to your crops and respond immediately whenever a problem occurs. The facts provided above may make you feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, suppose these plants are nourished during the first few weeks. In that case, they will achieve remarkably high yields in a limited period of time.

Besides, regular seeds will need 12 hours of darkness a day to form buds. On the other hand, auto-flowering strains grow buds and can be harvested regardless of the light schedule. This is useful if you can’t prevent light leaks or if you need to keep the lights on all the time due to temperature management.

Also, the resistance to viruses and mold is another important consideration to remember when selecting a strain. Like in many other plants, those external factors can significantly affect the condition and final results of your marijuana crops.

  • Feminized Seeds

Only female marijuana plants produce buds that are high in cannabinoids like THC, which we all love. A male plant is practically worthless unless you are a marijuana breeder. The issue with naturally cultivated marijuana plants is that they generate roughly the same number of male and female seeds.

With a male seed yield rate of 50%, you’re spending a lot of time and resources on crops you’ll eventually have almost no use for.

Planting feminized marijuana seeds, on the other hand, helps you to plan for a productive greenhouse with an optimal buds yield and what is there to know about seed factors.

  • High Yields

With an auto-flowering variety of strains, you’ll be able to collect your plant 2-3 months after it’s been planted. And the yield from each plant normally exceeds an ounce or two.

And, if grown under powerful grow lights in a suitable environment, those plants may yield 5-6 ounces per plant, if not more.

Top Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

It is critical for beginner growers to choose which strains could be better while improving their game in the garden.

As a first-time grower, it’s best to stick to genetics that is more accommodating and easy to find while still producing maximum yield and a high-quality crop.

  1. Cinex

Cinex is a hybrid strain with a THC concentration of up to 22 percent. Thus, it is not only a convenient strain to cultivate, but it is also a reasonably high-yielding variety.

You’ll be relieved to know that this hemp variety is very immune to mold and flaky mildew. At the start of the vegetative period, you may feed your Cinex plants a small amount of nitrogen. Then, as the plants advance through the vegetative stage, they steadily increase the number.

  1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights has been a well-known Indica variety in the cannabis community for a long time. It is immune to a wide range of diseases, making it one of the safest marijuana strains for beginners.

This crop can be cultivated both hydroponically and in soil, allowing you to have a versatile growing option. Another advantage of growing Northern Lights is its brief 6-7 week flowering cycle. In addition, northern Lights is a super high-yielding Indica strain.

  1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream, the most common strain among customers, is also an excellent variety for new growers. Its effects are a mix of physical relief and a gentle, joyous high. These characteristics make Blue Dream a favorite alternative for daytime relaxation of aches, stresses, and negative emotions. However, one reason the Blue Dream is more difficult to develop is that it needs a lot of attention. These often need support structures to help them carry the weight of their thick buds. You will also need to prune the plants regularly to maintain their form and size.

The majority of Blue Dream growers rank the plant’s growth complexity as easy to somewhat challenging. Thus, it’s best to start with the other variants on this list before going on to Blue Dream.

The above three varieties are considered to be less selective than their pickier, more tricky-to-grow ancestors. As a result, they are generally easier to cultivate. Try using those seeds or clones; if you’re a beginner grower, you can.

Three Most Suitable Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

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