The Ultimate Guide on Vaping vs Smoking
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The Ultimate Guide on Vaping vs Smoking

Smoking is one of the unhealthiest habits that you can adopt. It is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the UK. Everyone who smokes is told to quit at some point in their lives, and, according to surveys, the vast majority of smokers in the UK would like to kick their habit forever!

Many people who smoke are unaware that one of the easiest ways to quit their bad habit is to start vaping. Vape devices and concentrates not only help you quit smoking but allow you to do so safely and effectively. Additionally, there are many health benefits of smoking vs. vaping.

This blog will look at the four primary reasons you should quit smoking and start vaping today!

1. Vaping Is Better for Your Health Than Smoking.

A lot of people see vaping as just as dangerous as smoking, if not more. This is highly untrue!

It is estimated that vaping is 95% better for your health than smoking. This is because vape concentrates and e-liquids contain much lesser chemicals than tobacco cigarettes. In addition, these chemicals do not stay in the body for a long time. However, the tar in cigarettes can stay in your lungs for a lifetime.

Those who quit smoking and start using vape devices see exceptional health benefits quickly (usually within a month). These benefits include enhanced immune system functioning, lower blood pressure, more relaxed breathing, improved sense of smell and taste, and enhanced lung function!

Compared to a tobacco cigarette, a vaping concentrate contains fewer main ingredients and compounds in the exhaled vapor. For example, premium e-liquid flavors sold at IVG Premium E-Liquids contain only three main ingredients: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine base, nicotine, and vape flavoring. Conversely, tobacco cigarettes contain more than 7000 chemicals when the smoke is exhaled.

2. Vapour Does Not Linger Like Cigarette Smoke.

Research has shown that the vapor exhaled via vape devices usually breaks down within seconds, even in a poorly ventilated room. Therefore, it does not compromise the air quality in a room. On the other hand, smoke from a cigarette can linger in the air for more than 30 minutes and diminish air quality.

In addition to the intense effects of passive smoking, cigarette smoke sinks into fabrics and furniture in a room. This is why many smokers find their walls, clothes, curtains, and furniture stained or smelling like tobacco after some time. You will not encounter this problem if you vape because the vapor disappears quickly after you exhale it.

3. Vaping Can Help You Cut Down or Quit Smoking.

The biggest benefit of vape is its ability to serve effectively as a quitting aid. It makes you more likely to succeed in cutting down or quitting smoking.

According to ONS, the most common reason people use vape devices in the UK is to help cut down or quit their smoking habits. Research has also shown that vaping is twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapies used to quit smoking, such as nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, inhalers, and other traditional quitting aids.

A study in partnership with the NHS found that among a group of smokers trying to quit their bad habit, 18% of electronic cigarette users had stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes completely after one year, compared to only 9.9% of traditional nicotine replacement therapy users.

There are several reasons why vaping is highly effective at helping smokers quit:

Firstly, vaping is effective because it satisfies many physical habits and cravings that you build up over months or years of smoking traditional cigarettes without even realizing it. Many smokers try to channel their energy and try to find something to do with their hands once they’ve quit smoking.  Vaping provides just the experience they crave!

Secondly, the physical act of inhaling and exhaling smoke is something that smokers usually miss when they use gums, patches, or lozenges. Vape devices allow them to experience this physical act while causing much less damage to their bodies.

Lastly, smoking is a way to socialize for many smokers. They usually miss the social aspect the most when they are trying to quit. Vaping allows them to keep up with this social aspect without inhaling and exhaling toxic chemicals.

4. You Can Vape In Places You Can’t Smoke.

Currently, the UK government has no plans on banning vaping indoors like they have banned tobacco cigarettes. So, depending on the rules where you are, you might be able to vape in places where you are not allowed to smoke! Imagine not having to get up from a comfortable spot every time your brain kicks you to smoke. It sounds like pure bliss.

Final Words

Vaping was created as a risk reduction strategy for smokers to help them cut down or quit their bad habits. If you are a smoker or know one, help them understand the health benefits of smoking vs. vaping. Then, introduce them to premium e-liquids by IVG, so they never look back at tobacco cigarettes!

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The marketing team writes the content of I Vape Great, the home of the multi-award-winning international vape brand IVG made in the UK. We have a large range of luxury e-liquid flavors and stock the best vaping devices and kits so you can enjoy them.

The Ultimate Guide on Vaping vs. Smoking

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