The Future of Cannabis Storage
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The Future of Cannabis Storage

Today, the global cannabis packaging industry is rapidly transitioning from a mainly illegal to a legal market, especially in Canada. If you’re a small cannabis packaging company, you will need to innovate your cannabis packaging designs to stay afloat and succeed in the face of commercial giants.

According to Smithers’ “The Future of Cannabis Packaging to 2024” report, many cannabis packaging companies will focus on creating innovative packaging for cannabis products. This report further highlights how sustainability will be a driving component in the designing of these packages. This report forecasts that the global cannabis packaging market will be valued at $1.6 billion in 2024! This growth will result in evolved government regulations and supply changes.

Trends from the Report That Highlight the Future of Cannabis Storage

Here are some interesting insights from the report on cannabis packaging:

  • First, since many countries continue to legalize cannabis and enable its use for medical purposes, cannabis and related products will likely be medically proven useful natural products.
  • The underground cannabis market will continue to thrive, and onerous regulations will remain in place. Moreover, cannabis packaging will change more quickly, and child-resistant cannabis storage jars and packages with the best available technology will gain market share.
  • Small, flexible-barrier film packaging and glass weed jars will become more popular in the coming years than single-use cannabis packaging.
  • Manufacturers will develop new cannabis formulations for rapid delivery and lower costs. Moreover, the packaging systems for vaporizing concentrates will need more durable packaging.
  • The future in the cannabis packaging world will involve advanced packaging technologies that eradicate the need for preservatives.
  • The market will be dominated mainly by vaping concentrates from branded and nationally recognized packaging.
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How the Future of Cannabis Packaging Will Impact Cannabis Packing Companies

The future of cannabis packaging will bring many changes in how cannabis packing companies approach packaging requirements. It will also change consumer preferences in terms of packaging. As a cannabis packaging company, you must be prepared to handle these changes and develop packaging designs for your target market. Following the ever-evolving industry trends and consumer preferences is the only way to stay on top of your game and retain your consumers.

Here’s how the future of cannabis packaging will impact cannabis packaging companies:

Customized Packaging for Cannabis

Over the years, customers have come to expect customized packaging for cannabis products. Personalized packaging will give your products a distinctive edge over the competition and will also attract consumer attention.

With high-end custom packaging, you will have the opportunity to portray your brand aesthetic through your design and promote your logo. It will also result in brand recognition and loyalty. So, you must start investing in cannabis packaging with embossing patterns, brand details, and hues that encapsulate your brand as they will help you stand out in a saturated market.

Stricter CR Regulations

When it comes to cannabis packaging, every packaging company has to deal with strict CR regulations. While these regulations largely vary from province to province and country, as more and more countries legalize cannabis products, the cannabis packaging industry will surely see an overall strictness in these CR regulations.

It’s because an influx of cannabis products in the market will need to be managed effectively. The only way to do that is to put regulations on the packaging to make them childproof to prevent accidental consumption. The increase in the strictness of CR regulations will surely result in innovative packaging solutions.

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You will need to follow creative designing and packaging solutions and invest in childproof caps and shatterproof bottles. Whatever you decide to do, you will need to ensure that your packaging aligns with CR regulations and has creative designing and branding space.

Sustainable Packaging

The cannabis industry will also experience a wave of eco-friendly packaging for cannabis and related products. As more and more cannabis companies emphasize going green with their packaging, the market will soon have an influx of sustainable packaging options. You will need to use recycled materials and eco-friendly finishes in your cannabis packaging while ensuring durability and child-resistant features to beat the competition.

Sophisticated Designs

The cannabis industry has surely moved away from the predictable plastic baggies and welcomed more sophisticated packaging. In the future, you can expect to see a vast array of contemporary and sophisticated structural designs, specialty print techniques, and minimalist finishes on cannabis packaging. Moreover, you will also need to emphasize the structural design changes in cannabis packaging. It’s best to use CR-certified packaging and innovative folding cartons to make your product stand out from countless cannabis products in the market.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the future of cannabis packaging is quite promising. The packaging for cannabis items will be innovatively designed, and the focus on sustainability will improve. Moreover, there will be an increased focus on creating shatterproof, child-safe packaging.

The Future of Cannabis Storage



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