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The European cannabis industry is growing steadily, and there is no sign that it will slow down. As more countries soften their stances on the drug’s legality, we can see even more growth coming from this part of the world. Nations such as Israel and Germany have given cannabis research the green light. We will surely start accelerating the innovation to set up industry full of justice and equality for all stakeholders. The first sign came from the “European Powerhouse,” its new coalition in Germany decided last week to legalize cannabis.

Cologne, Germany, 06.12.2021 – is looking for those seekers and innovators who want to use cannabis to change, not just society, use it as a food supplement, wellness product, or as a binder to produce all kinds of forms, but rather to tackle the big challenges we are currently facing to manage climate change and social evolution better. Therefore, we want to see what startup founders from Europe can do with a little bit of public know-how and a lot of ingenuity behind it.

“We need to bring cannabis in the center of our society, massive Influencer on the well-being of patients and beyond are fiber, for the production of material the future for the faster start to the circular economy, “said Falk Altenhöfer, who is pushing for innovation.

We are looking for startup founders who will use this startup award as a chance to grow and expand their companies into the top echelon of startup organizations worldwide. The prize is not money; it’s having a global footprint in the cannabis industry by getting seen by founders, investors, and the public.

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How to win the Startup.Award?

To win the Startup. The applicants have to win the award in one category to get into the Pitch Arena to pitch in front of the most influential investors in the cannabis industry in Europe. The deadline ends on 10.02.2022 for all applicants.

You will need to submit your startup project in one of the following categories:

  • Next Unicorn
  • Most Sustainability
  • Fastest Growing Brand
  • Technology, Focus on R&D

The Startup.Award is open to startup founders all over Europe. We encourage companies that are not older than five years because we need to find the innovators of today who become the role models of tomorrow in a “de-stigmatized-world, “which is “only possible by showing regulators and deciders that the cannabis plant is more than just THC and CBD. Seeds can supplement our diets and compatible fiber can replace plastic “said Daniel Maman, Teqa Capital from Switzerland and one oft he few funds in Europe which are only dedicated to cannabis!

European wide events such as like Speed-Networking is holding a weekly speed-networking event across Europe to connect the founders and investors with German founders and European founders to help integrate and build long-lasting relationships.

This event takes place in the evenings and gets kicked off by a certain topic or theme followed up by speed-networking, where founders will connect quickly to introduce themself and find a way to support each other.


We are the platform in Europe to accelerate internal growth for cannabis founders and investors by organizing local meetups to connect, hosting experts through webinars to learn more and live events to network!

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Startup Awards by



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