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MEDICINAL CANNABIS Seminars for UK Medical Professionals

Medical Cannabis

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Medicinal Cannabis was legalized in The UK – November 2018. The global legal Cannabis Market is expected to grow to over GBP16 billion by 2020.

It’s legal, it’s effective, and it’s the future of medicine.

There is good clinical evidence that Medical Cannabis may be of benefit in Chronic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea in Cancer Related Chemotherapy & Drug-Resistant Epilepsy.

Come along to find out and hear the latest information about eligibility and ease of access to patients, research, trends, and so much more. Experts, Prescribers, and Current Patients will present and will be available to take questions.

MEDICINAL CANNABIS seminars for UK Medical Professionals

Tickets links below:

London – Monday, 16 Sept 18:30-21:00

Manchester – Wednesday, 18 Sept 18:30-21:00

London (Patients & Carers) – Thursday, 19 Sept 18:30-21:00

Medical Choices UK – We are Medical Professionals, Not Profit Experts, and Media Specialists. By leveraging our combined skills, we want to speed up legal access to the medicine patients may need by focusing on education and advocacy.

MEDICINAL CANNABIS Seminars for UK Medical Professionals

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