Is Brass Safe to Use?
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Is Brass Safe to Use?

Brass has a long history of being used in smoking accessories, although it is rare to see it in shops. While some people might interpret that as a bad sign, we would like to set the record straight. Before you invest in a brass smoking accessory you want to know: is it safe to use? In this article, we will take a look at pure brass accessories and find out how safe they are for you.

Benefits of Metal Accessories

Metal smoking pipes have a reputation for being sturdy, durable, and ready to take what life throws at them. Of course, we have to mention that not all metal pipes are created equal. From silver to stainless steel to brass, you can find a wide variety of metal accessories on the market today.

Is Brass Safe to Use?

Metal smoking pipes are often more affordable than other accessories depending on the raw material and features they offer. However, the individual components of a smoking pipe can determine if it is safe to use or not. Unfortunately, there are some metal accessories out there that aren’t made from the safest materials.

Brass Versus Other Metals

Brass is a sturdy metal that is ideal for crafting safe smoking accessories. Other popular metals like aluminum or copper have been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease and rapid aging. While those metals are more affordable, their problematic health standing makes them completely out of the question for smoking accessories.

Furthermore, combustion-free electronic accessories which were at one time considered safer turned out to be quite the opposite. A study from 2018 showed that vapor from those accessories contained toxic levels of lead — a metal known for causing cancer and other health problems. As a result, countries around the world have banned these accessories due to their toxicity, with the North American retail giant Walmart joining the cause last autumn.

A Healthy Option

Unlike all of those previously mentioned dangerous metals, pure brass is non-toxic and has no links to health complications. On the contrary, in France pure brass was used to create a healthy smoking alternative. The French accessory in question, Le Sifflu, uses essential oils and innovative design to recreate an experience that many doctors see as a healthier option.

The healthier nature of the accessory lies not only in its make, but also its raw material. Designed to help users simulate the ritual of smoking, this brass accessory is not only beautiful but also entirely safe to use. Thoughtfully inspired by Native American rituals and crafted with brass, this accessory helps promote a safe and healthy smoking atmosphere.

Heating Brass

It goes without saying that heating metal is another story in terms of health and safety. Being around metals in innocuous situations isn’t the same as using them to heat your goods. After all, consider that when you wrap leftovers in aluminum you aren’t exposed to the toxic lead fumes that this metal creates when heated.

Brass, on the other hand, is completely safe to heat and perfect for smoking cannabis. The fact that brass is an alloy makes it more resistant to wear and tear than metals like silver or gold. Furthermore, the non-toxic quality of pure brass will ensure that you are always enjoying your flower safely and securely.

Choosing Non-Toxic Brass

While plated brass isn’t always dangerous, the plating can indicate a presence of metals like nickel or copper which are proven to have dangerous effects. The easiest way to tell if brass is safe is by the way it looks.

Unlike pure brass, plated brass has two key features:

  • It is very shiny.
  • It has no blemishes or scratches.

A simple way to tell that brass is pure is by patina. Over time, pure brass that regularly comes in contact with oxygen will begin to change color. That color will be a blue-ish green like the Statue of Liberty. If you see brass with some patina on it, you can be sure that it is pure and non-toxic.

Time to Get Smoking

In these tough times, many of us are turning to cannabis to stay grounded and sane. We may even be searching to acquire new accessories that will last a long time, but not hurt our wallets or our bodies. On your journey towards finding your next metal smoking pipe, be sure to use these brass safety tips to help you choose the right accessory.

Is Brass Safe to Use?

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