How to use CBD oil – a guide for beginners
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How to use CBD oil – a guide for beginners

The popularity of CBD oil is constantly increasing due to its medicinal value. However, the opposite component to CBD is the cannabinoid THC, which is also found in cannabis and is known for its psychoactive effect.

Many people, including scientists and health service providers, have already confirmed that the consumption of CBD oil is entirely safe for both adults and children. Moreover, thanks to its medicinal effects on different health problems, CBD oil received approval from the WHO (World Health Organization) in December 2017.

However, more studies and research are still needed. This growing popularity naturally lies in the wide range of health benefits that this product has. More and more people have started to use, or have been using for a long time, CBD oil as a natural food supplement.

How do I use CBD oil?

While some people take CBD oil as a regular dietary supplement, others take it primarily to combat sleep problems, stress, mood swings, anxiety, or appetite disorders. CBD oil also helps relieve symptoms related to serious illnesses such as cancer, in which case it helps with chemotherapy, increased appetite, and better sleep. It also acts against pain and has positive effects on our immune system and our body in general. A healthy and rested body is more resilient, positively influencing our mood. This explains why sleep problems lead to increased stress.

CBD from hemp or cannabis

If you want to know more about CBD oil, you must know that it can be extracted from hemp (cannabis sativa) and other cannabis plants. Hemp CBD oil is produced in countries where cannabis has been legalized, as the THC content in hemp is extremely low and therefore negligible.

Oil extracted from the cannabis plant is considered to be of higher quality and higher purity, primarily because it contains complementary cannabinoids. Those who prefer cannabis CBD oil find that these additional cannabinoids have more benefits, and their therapeutic application is more effective.

This is only valid if you carefully compare CBD isolate with CBD oil. Large amounts of CBD can be extracted from hemp (cannabis sativa), while cannabis offers various cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBC, etc.

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The main difference lies in the THC content, which should not exceed the limit values ​​in the hemp variety used. Naturally, the cannabinoid content can vary greatly depending on the type of hemp.

Indeed, the therapeutic effect of THC under certain conditions cannot be denied. Those who have chosen THC as a beneficial therapeutic means can use CBD oil as an alternative or supplement. Various studies and research have even shown that THC can destroy cancer cells.

If cannabis is not legal in your country and you use CBD oil from cannabis, you could run into problems. In this regard, CBD oil is much more accessible, and you will surely get more health benefits from it.

How to use CBD oil?

CBD oil is marketed in various forms: liquid, capsules, pastes, sprays, creams, ointments, and e-cigarettes. So you can choose the form and method that best suits you. The main idea behind each application method is to ensure that the CBD oil reaches our system easily and provides the desired results.

To choose the most appropriate form, several factors must be taken into account, such as, for example, what is the optimal dose for you, your conditions, the results you want to obtain, or how long you want the effect to last. So there is no general rule regarding the use of CBD oil products.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, most users prefer CBD oil in non-smokable forms.

CBD oil taken orally takes a while to kick in, roughly 15-30 minutes and can have effects that last more than a couple of hours. Again it is a matter of personal preference and desired effects.

Remember that CBD oil (cannabidiol) is complex and that the effects can vary from person to person since we all react differently. In addition, the result and the effect also depend on many other factors such as age, weight, diet, physical activity, etc.

In addition, the effect of CBD oil varies about the ability of our body to absorb its valuable components (cannabinoids).

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Which form of CBD to choose?

You can consume CBD in the form of oil, capsule, cream, gum, or suppository, but also as an ingredient in your daily food and drinks.

For example, CBD oil suppositories are a good option if you have a sensitive stomach, and they also help relieve menstrual cramps. In addition, since CBD oil is completely natural and comes directly from nature, it does not have any side effects when taking pain relievers.

However, mild side effects such as dizziness, slight headache, flu-like symptoms, and nausea during the first two weeks may occur. This is due to the cleansing effect that CBD oil has on our bodies.

Some users in the initial phase also experience how CBD oil cleanses the intestinal tract thanks to the chlorophyll present in the plant. This pigment gives it its green color and helps it carry out photosynthesis.

It is worth knowing that CBD oil can be obtained in various ways. However, it is preferable to opt for the CO2 extraction method, as it is the cleanest and most effective. This does not mean that the other methods do not work, but in the case of using solvents such as butane, toxic residues can remain if the process is not carried out under controlled conditions.

You can also use CBD oil in paste form by placing it with your finger in your mouth or under your tongue or adding it to food or drinks. Many people opt for this way, allowing you to drink the oil discreetly and easily in public spaces.

There is specific CBD oil for electronic cigarettes, an ideal method if you want a faster effect since the oil goes directly to the lungs and from there it reaches the bloodstream faster.

CBD oil is available with different amounts of CBD, depending on the desired effects. This makes it easier to achieve a faster and easier result.

Finally, there are CBD products specially designed to relieve muscle and joint pain. First, apply the CBD oil cream or ointment to the skin or the painful area, and after that, you can use a massage gun for more effective results. Creams and ointments with CBD oil are made due to their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and help people suffering from arthritis and psoriasis.

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How much CBD oil should be used?

This is a question that many beginners ask themselves, and, as we have already mentioned, it is difficult to answer since CBD oil is complex and acts in different ways depending on the person.

The result and the effect also depend on many other factors such as age, weight, diet, physical activity, etc.

CBD has a favorable influence on various health problems, but a standard intake dose cannot be determined.

We are all different, and so are our bodies, so only you can adjust the right dose based on how you feel and the effect you want.

It would be best if you first took small doses of CBD oil and carefully observed the effects that occur.

Instead of taking a large dose, it is recommended to take small doses throughout the day as needed. Then, keep the same schedule and dosage for a few days to see if it works properly.

If the expected results do not occur, you can adjust the dose by increasing it a little more. This should be done moderately and sensibly, without taking too much at once. Small doses act as stimulants, while high doses produce a more calming effect. Then, it would be best if you kept your attention on the reaction in your body and that you feel good.

Keep in mind that the effects of CBD oil are diverse and depend on our body’s ability to absorb the beneficial properties (cannabinoids) of the hemp plant.

How to use CBD oil – a guide for beginners



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