Hemp Flowers: How To Choose Them?
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Hemp Flowers: How To Choose Them?

Originating from the cannabis plant, hemp flowers are one of the permitted varieties. and not to be confused with cannabis flowers with THC, which have been banned in France since the decree of February 22, 1990 due to their THC content. Therefore, the cultivation, import / export and use of hemp flowers are possible according to precise criteria. We take stock with you of this particular product that is still struggling to extract itself from the despised image of its little sister, the THC cannabis flower.

Hemp flowers: what?

Hemp flowers come from a well-known plant in different industries: hemp. The peculiarity of hemp is that it includes male and female plants . These are the ones that will produce flowers. These flowers, once mature, are harvested. Once clean, they are marketed.

Hemp flowers are rigorously controlled at every moment of their production until they are sold. to be able to correspond to the criteria established by article R.5132-86 of the public health code. So its THC content is less than 0.2%. These controls are carried out in accordance with a rigorous method framed by law. Therefore, there is no risk for the consumer to find himself outside the law.

CBD hemp flowers: the different varieties explained

Indoor, greenhouse, outdoor. The varieties of hemp flowers are diverse and the jargon used by specialists can make consumers confused. So what do these different names mean?

Indoor hemp flowers

As its name suggests, “indoor” hemp flower is grown indoors. These are highly sought after products and are often classified as high-end. There are several varieties of hemp flowers grown indoors, each with different organic properties. So why is this type of culture so popular?

Growing hemp flowers indoors promotes plant growth thanks to often higher CO2 levels compared to growing outdoors. Additionally, growing indoors allows the plant to be protected from the elements and pests that could ultimately harm hemp flowers. Sheltered from the wind and rain, the plant thrives and the level of CBD is usually more concentrated than in other ranges of flowers.

Hemp flowers in greenhouse

Growing hemp flowers in a greenhouse is halfway between growing indoors, presented above, and growing outdoors, which will be discussed below. As with any fruit, vegetable or flower crop, greenhouse cultivation helps protect plants from climatic differences (snow, frost, cold) and bad weather (rain, hail, wind). The greenhouse creates a microclimate but also guarantees a product grown in the ground, respecting the needs of the plant. Soils often richer than potting mixes found for indoor cultivation give good quality plants and therefore almost flawless hemp flowers.

Hemp flowers outdoors

Al aire libre means “outside” in English. As the name suggests, outdoor hemp flowers are grown outdoors and without the protection of a greenhouse. The result of this type of cultivation produces flowers that are often imperfect but with very marked characteristics. These are character flowers that fed on the soil thanks to which they grew.

Choosing your hemp flowers: Sativa or indica?

When choosing hemp flowers, the terms “sativa” and “indica” often come up. What is the difference between both? Sativa and indica are actually two varieties of plants, each characterized by a different origin, appearance but also growth, effects and quality.

Indica flowers come from a mountain plant found in India, Pakistan or Afghanistan. They grow bushy with plants that rarely exceed 2 meters. Indica hemp flowers are popular for their relaxing effects. Its level of cannabidiol is usually quite high. .

The sativa variety is a variety native to tropical areas such as Africa or Asia. It produces fewer flowers despite being taller than the indica variety. It is a flower recognized for its broader aromatic palette than the indica variety . Unlike indicas that can help you relax, on the contrary, some sativa hemp flowers can help boost your energy.

However, it should be noted that each hemp flower has its own properties, a different taste and, of course, a more or less high CBD content. We invite you to visit our store to discover our CBD flowers .

Hemp flowers: how to use them?

First, unlike its cannabis cousins, hemp flowers should not be smoked in any way. Dried flowers can be used in interior decoration, to perfume a room and thus enjoy the calming effects at home. The flowers can also be infused into herbal teas . As a reminder, hemp flower herbal tea does not have any psychotropic effects . It is intended to relieve your anxiety states, stimulates the immune system, and may have antioxidant properties.

It is best to infuse your flowers in milk in order to retain all the benefits.

CBD hemp flowers: is it a drug?

Although both are made from hemp, hemp flowers are by no means so-called recreational cannabis flowers. Its use is not the same and the big difference lies in the concentration of THC (delta-tetrahydrocannabinol) responsible for the psychotropic effects of cannabis. Indeed, it is the THC that is at the origin of the modification of the state of consciousness of those who consume it, placing it or on the contrary giving it incredible energy. It is the THC that contributes to what is called the “recreational” effect of cannabis.

Hemp flowers are not composite. than cannabidiol, the famous CBD and terpenes. This substance should not be confused with THC. Cannabidiol does not get you high and does not pose a health hazard or risk of addiction. With CBD, there is no risk of addiction! The consumer does not have side effects such as anxiety or anxiety attacks. That is why this substance is not one of the controlled substances in France.

Hemp flowers: what are their effects and properties?

Hemp flowers are generally used to reduce stress and anxiety . They can help you find sleep naturally by avoiding sleeping pills. Hemp flowers can also help reduce certain pain or inflammation.

Be careful though: Hemp flowers have no medical use and can only be used as a supplement to your drug treatments. Don’t hesitate to discuss it with a health professional.

To conclude: the ultimate checklist for choosing the right CBD hemp flowers

  1. Choose a growing method

There is no growing method that is decidedly better than another. However, depending on your wishes and your needs, you can have your preferences:

Interior: for premium hemp flowers where all aspects are controlled.

Exterior: for flowers with well-defined characteristics , even if it means sacrificing a little aesthetics.

Greenhouse – For legal cannabis flowers that get the best of both worlds .

hemp flower

  1. Ensuring the quality of hemp flowers.

A serious trader tells you where the hemp flowers come from, the exact level of different cannabinoids, and also provides you with their Certificates of Analysis .

  1. Choose a suitable CBD rate

There is no need to rush to buy a 25% CBD hemp flower: it is very unlikely that it was harvested as-is and could hide an “inflated” rate (spraying CBD on the flower, for example). Most legal hemp flowers have between 2 and 10% CBD . Beyond that, prefer a resin or try our coated flowers Moonrock Ice 80% , Blue Moonrock 80% et Moonrock 25% in particular).

  1. Have fun with scents

rather fruity or earthy, herbaceous or sweet, acidic or bitter : there is a variety of hemp flowers for all tastes, occasions and desires. If you’re not sure, our box of five flowers is a good start.

  1. Use your hemp flowers legally

Remember, for all practical purposes, smoking CBD flower in Florida, even legal ones, is still prohibited. For a healthier and perfectly legal use, favor vaporization or infusion .

Hemp Flowers: How To Choose Them?



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