Health and Arthritis: Can CBD Actually Help?
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Health and Arthritis: Can CBD Actually Help?

Making its way everywhere from drug store aisles to specialty cocktails and beverages, CBD is the wellness trend that has hit the ground running. CBD, scientifically known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in hemp and cannabis plants that may help with numerous complications we experience daily. As a relatively new find within the overall health community, many studies are still taking place on the reach of CBD’s unique health benefits. CBD is often used to help those who have arthritis, as it may provide some relief for some of the more distracting symptoms. Explore the numerous potential benefits of CBD and how it could help those with arthritis.

A Little Bit About CBD

CBD is one of the many chemical compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants. At times, there’s a mixup with CBD’s cousin, THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis plants. However, CBD has no inebriating qualities, lending itself to many of THC’s benefits without any of the drawbacks of mainstream cannabis use. As CBD has become more popular, some of the most common ways to use CBD include:

  • Edibles: CBD edibles are taken orally and come in many different forms, from gummies to baked treats. These tend to provide a longer effect, from 6-8 hours in some cases.
  • Oils: CBD oils are often added to drinks or added to food to help users reap the benefits. These also come in lotions and topicals that can be applied easily to tension areas.
  • Vapor: CBD can be vaped, which provides a quick and convenient way to access CBD. CBD vape products often come in fun flavors as well.
  • Salves: Topical balms and salves infused with CBD have been known to assist with muscle aches and joint pain.

Possible Health Benefits of CBD

Whichever way you prefer to take CBD, the intentions are often varied among those that use CBD. A huge and varied audience uses CBD; anyone from yoga teachers to war veterans is known to boost its benefits. This is partially due to the vast span of physical and mental benefits that CBD has been claimed to provide. Some of the health conditions CBD may treat include:

  • Cancer-related Symptoms
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Parkinson’s
  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis

Many people claim CBD helps with quite a few health conditions, from cancer treatment to sleep disorders. Despite most CBD’s praise coming from personal testimony, it begs to be explored deeper, which is why CBD and its uses have been studied much more recently. CBD affects everyone differently, so more research is certainly necessary to truly know all the ways CBD can be safely used and how it affects our bodies in the long run.

How Can it Help?

While CBD has been reported to help with numerous health complications, we’re still learning more about why exactly CBD has these benefits. CBD creates a bodily response by intermingling with our endocannabinoid system’s receptors. All living things have an endocannabinoid system – a system in our bodies that balances processes involved in immune response, metabolism, memory, appetite, and more. When CBD is introduced to this system’s cannabinoid receptors, it’s known to help regulate and provide some much-needed relief for many imbalances. This provides some insight into why CBD may help with such a broad spectrum of conditions.

Arthritis: Can CBD Help?

One of the most popular uses of CBD is by those struggling with arthritis. According to the CDC, “In the United States, 23% of all adults, or more than 54 million people, have arthritis. It is a leading cause of work disability, with annual costs for medical care and lost earnings of $303.5 billion.” With a health issue that has unfortunately become so common, it makes sense that those suffering would want to turn to some alternative wellness approaches. Since CBD has been known to help those struggling with chronic pain, CBD uses to help with joint pain, and muscular swelling is an option for those looking to get creative within their recovery.

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Many studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, similar to the effects that THC has known to provide. In a study made in 1991, THC was found to contain twenty times the anti-inflammatory potency than aspirin. As a close cousin to THC, CBD has also been known to provide relief for those struggling with chronic pain and arthritis. CBD has even become very commonly used for our furry friends, with convenient CBD-infused treats to help dogs develop arthritis later in life. Due to its non-inebriating qualities, CBD can provide similar health benefits of cannabis without the intoxication with THC use.

Try CBD Yourself

It’s never been easier to get your hands on CBD, and no one anticipates that changing anytime soon. With more and more studies being made on CBD’s health effects, we only continue to learn more reasons to consider trying CBD out to see how it can help. Whether you’re looking for alternative routes to reduce anxiety or you’re one of the many people, unfortunately, struggling with arthritis, CBD could be just the wellness trend you’ve been looking for to find an avenue toward long-awaited relief and relaxation. Consider exploring what all the hype is about by trying CBD for yourself soon, but be sure to talk to your health provider beforehand.

Author bio: Jasmine Khachatrian, Founder and President of Kanavia Organics. Jasmine is a California-licensed Physician Assistant and has 25 years of experience providing healthcare in Los Angeles County.

Health and Arthritis: Can CBD Actually Help?

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