Does CBD Help To Lower Blood Pressure?
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Does CBD Help To Lower Blood Pressure? Must Read!

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a natural remedy, which can be pretty beneficial for your health. For example, it helps in relieving pain, relieves depression, and reduces the prominence of acne. But does it help to lower blood pressure?

The short answer to your question is – yes, it does! But how? Will it cause any further damage to your health while treating your blood pressure? We have answered it all below.

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CBD – A Brief Introduction

CBD - A Brief Introduction

Before we learn if CBD can lower blood pressure or not, let’s discuss a little about CBD.

Cannabidiol is, in essence, an active compound found in cannabis. However, contrary to another element from the same plant, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it does not feature any intoxicating properties.

Instead, it helps in improving your overall health.

You can find three different types of CBD in the market. These are –

  • Broad-spectrum
  • Full-spectrum, and
  • Isolate

Each of these CBD elements can lower blood pressure. However, you will need to be wary about the form they are coming in.

For example, if CBD is available in a tincture or oil, you can use it for relieving pain. In the form of topicals, this element tries to improve your skin health and texture.

Usually, the capsules made with CBD can help to lower blood pressure. However, you must ask for your doctor’s suggestions before you can start taking them.

The Working Procedure of CBD

After consumption, CBD will try to interact with the ECS (endocannabinoid system) of your body. This element takes care of several processes of your body –

  • Creating appetite and digesting food
  • Regulating the sleep circle of one’s body
  • Increasing or decreasing metabolism rate (depends on when you eat)
  • Mood swings and pain endurance
  • Motor control system

CBD usually works by binding the receptors available in ECS. This way, they can prevent the endocannabinoids (a part of ECS) from breaking down. So, they will have a much better effect on your body and help to lower blood pressure.

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How Does CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

How Does CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

Stress, primarily psychological, is known to be the most prevalent cause of hypertension. So, usually, a CBD-infused medicine will try to treat your body’s stress to lower blood pressure.

Additionally, CBD also has the capability of reducing swelling in one’s body. So, if cardiovascular inflammation is causing your hypertension, your doctor will try to cure it with cannabidiol.

Finally, CBD also provides some calming effects and helps your blood flow naturally throughout the body. It can lower the issues regarding minor blood clots and indirectly reduce blood pressure.

However, in some cases, CBD can cause some minor adverse effects on your body. So, before you start using CBD to lower blood pressure, do not forget to ask your doctor’s suggestions about it.

Using CBD to Lower Blood Pressure – A Guide

You can use CBD in several manners. For instance, if you are using a capsule, you will need to maintain a specific dosage. Sometimes, you may have to use CBD-infused edibles as well. In that case, you may have to take it alongside other food items.

Many people also use the liquid version of CBD and use a dropper to put it under their tongues.

CBD will work best with regards to lower blood pressure if you use it daily and consistently. This way, it will help you control your stress more effectively and prevent anxiety attacks.

So, how do you find the proper dosage of using CBD?

Usually, while prescribing, your doctor will tell you all about it. However, it primarily depends on your metabolism rate, overall weight, the severity of hypertension, etc.

You may have to go through some trials and errors as well to find out the correct dosage. In most cases, physicians ask their patients to start with a lower dose and work their way up.

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Can CBD Affect Your Body Negatively?

CBD can help you to lower blood pressure effectively. But does it cause any significant damage to your body during the course?

The short answer is – no, cannabidiol is not harmful to your body. But it can sometimes pose some potential risks. These are –

  • It can cause a sense of sedation or drowsiness if you are already taking medications to treat sleep disorders or anxiety.
  • The drug might lower blood pressure too much and cause hypotension (happens in sporadic cases).
  • It might cause changes in your mood and make you feel irritated all the time.
  • CBD might interact with other medications and subdue their effect massively.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding your toddler, you must avoid taking CBD.

What Is The Best Type of CBD To Use?

As we have mentioned before, CBD usually comes in a variety of forms. However, if your goal is to lower blood pressure, your best option will be a tincture or oil.

These products usually offer a better bioavailability. So, they will have a superior absorption rate while being much more effective. Sublingual products can also provide a full-body effect unlike anything else.

What Should You Consider Before Buying A CBD-Infused Product?

While buying CBD products, you should not judge them as any other medications or health supplements. Here are some pointers that you must follow to find an FDA-approved product –

  • Try to avoid buying any product that does not have a certificate of analysis. It means that they have not been tested for purity and safety by any other 3rd-party laboratory.
  • Check consumer feedback of the products to get an idea about their efficacy. Remember, some websites may publish only good reviews on their websites. So, make sure to ignore them at the earliest!
  • Many brands try to be transparent when talking about their CBD products. They offer insights on how they acquire cannabidiol and use them in their products. So, you need to find such brands when looking for CBD products.
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Final Takeaway

There are several ways available to help you lower blood pressure, and CBD is one of them. However, hypertension can be a pretty tricky disease to deal with. So, make sure to ask your doctor about what you have to use to treat this condition.

Also, while you are at it, do not forget to give your doctor some information on your medical history. This way, it will be easier for them to know if they can prescribe CBD for you or not.

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