Crowdgrowing with Juicy Fields
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Crowdgrowing with Juicy Fields

Starting a cannabis business requires serious monetary and time-investment. Cannabis businesses have higher license fees, extreme taxes and difficulty obtaining funding. Plus, cannabis businesses operate in a murky legal landscape. Despite all these challenges, the cannabis industry continues to be one of the biggest opportunities in our lifetime.

“Crowdgrowing” allows new cannabis entrepreneurs to enter the business with less risk and greater income control. Crowdgrowing gets rid of the usual entry barriers such as licensing costs, cultivation and distribution expertise, networking, real estate, and significant capital funding. This business model offers entrepreneurs a lowered risk, turn-key efficient, plant-touching business from the start.

Crowdgrowing with JuicyFields

Juicy Fields is a crowdgrowing platform for interested people to connect with and fund a global cannabis cultivation and distribution business. All funding done through Juicy Fields is for-profit and goes to the expansion of grow facilities, project development, marketing, and necessary expenses such as legal expertise for the partnership and subsidiary businesses.

Recently, we sat down with Alan Glanse of Juicy Fields to learn more.

What is crowdgrowing?

Crowdgrowing or e-growing is a movement that brings together couch-growers and real cannabis farmers. Anyone from now on can grow cannabis virtually by buying a clone of a plant through our platform. Our partners, who are fully licensed growers, cultivate the plant that the couch grower acquired. We grow medical cannabis together and realize a good profit from its sale.

We believe that the cannabis industry, specifically the medicinal marijuana sector, is dominated by a small monopoly of large corporations where smaller, innovative companies are struggling to establish themselves. On the other side of this equation, we have investors and supporters of the grassroots industry that cannot enter due to restrictive legislation with little opportunity to invest and when available, at a high cost. Crowdgrowing is the solution to that.

Why crowdgrowing over launching a startup?

In brief, cost and control. When launching a startup there are many, many costs to consider and capital to raise, believe us we know! In doing so you may also have to give up a percentage of control and decision making, with crowdgrowing this is not so.

Take cannabis cultivation and distribution; a startup must have the finances to cover all costs, licenses, and fees, most of which have to be in place before any decisions have been made or granted. Combine this with some of the strictest legislation and laws forced on any industry then the benefits of crowdgrowing start to become apparent.

Crowd Growing is completely scalable and you can choose which projects your money goes to and what your profits are depending on the timelines you choose. Reliability and consistency are key to successful business and investment, crowd growing offers this security which is not even available when launching a startup in an established market let alone an industry in the vegging stage of its life-cycle.

When did you launch the platform?

We launched the platform on March 22, 2020, along with the bounty campaign.

What is your biggest challenge these days?

The whole world has a challenge now. The main thing to focus on is – no bad thoughts, do not lose the peace and joy of life, the team, and partners of JuicyFields promise to provide a good mood, getting high and selfless work, so that e-growers can stay at home, roll up and enjoy the income from cannabis without breaking any laws =)

Should cannabis be an essential service?

We don’t force anything on anyone. In my opinion – we created and implemented a cool service for the cannabis industry, with some great options for the crypto-community as well.

Medical Cannabis is one of the most profitable sectors and the fastest growing industry forecast for 2020,  with JuicyFields it just became more accessible and affordable.

How does the lockdown impact growing?

We overcome difficulties every day.

South Africa, for example, people have restrictions on leaving the house, so our staff has permission to get to the fields and greenhouses.

The situation is not easy in Colombia as well. However, cannabis is growing, bees are making honey, life is still sparking, JuicyFields is not stopping the growth of clones for any e-growers.

Will this have a lasting impact on the cannabis industry?

I see a tendency to grow so far, no panic. Interest in the industry will grow, the number of private production facilities of high-quality cannabis will increase.

Consumers will choose quality, not price. Cannabis is a plant, part of nature, but it is also a source of great money and creates complex problems for ‘potpreneurs’. I think the top of the European cannabis market is still ahead.

What advice do you have for cannabis investors?

Look wider, go beyond the boundaries, think in your head about new interesting ideas that are worth your attention, time and investment.

What is the first thing you want to do when this is over?

Do you mean after this interview? After the pandemic or after JuicyFields is the most successful concept for e-growers available? I could answer all three at once – a well earned joint!

Months from now, what will we have learned from all this?

We will find out that the first batch of baby clones for our e-growers grew up, that’s for sure!

In a month’s time, we would like to gain mass, to grow to 10,000 e-growers within the community, as well as launching the program of Ambassadors JuicyFields for each country. In short, that’s our plan. Let’s see.

Crowdgrowing with Juicy Fields

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