CBD The Most Unique Compound In History
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CBD The Most Unique Compound In History

Cannabis has been used since ancient times to treat pain and many other physical issues. Signs of Cannabis-based medicines can be traced back to many ancient civilizations. In ancient China, it was called Ma, which stands for hemp or numb, and it was used medically some 10,000 years ago. The same is the case with ancient Egypt, where the ancient medical texts show medical cannabis use back in 1550 BC. Even in Ancient India, Cannabis had a special place in religious ceremonies and is part of an ancient medical study called the Vedas. So Cannabis has been around for ages and has been used for medical purposes since ancient times.

CBD The Modern Child of Cannabis

CBD is the shortened name of Cannabidiol, which is a compound that is extracted from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is itself derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant family. So CBD is a direct relative of Cannabis; however, in the current legal scenario, Cannabis is a controlled substance in many countries that’s because of the high levels of THC, which is the primary psychoactive component of Cannabis and is prohibited in high quantities as it causes intoxication and induces a high. But the advantage CBD has is that it has no psychoactive properties associated with traditional Cannabis while carrying the same positive effects.

CBD is extracted from a thick viscous resin that is found naturally in industrial hemp. This resin is present in glands that cover the overall structure of the plant. This resin is extracted and processed to remove all other components, including THC. The resultant compound takes an oil-like form called the CBD oil, which is used to manufacture many CBD infused products. Today there is a huge number of CBD-based products are present in the market, and that is only because wellness enthusiasts have accepted it with open arms seeing its potential outcomes that many users have experienced firsthand.

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Legality Around CBD Based Products

All Cannabis-based products were illegal for consumption for a very long time. However, things started changing during the past decade, and many movements were supporting Cannabis legalization. These efforts finally paid off in the form of the approval of the farm bill of 2018. Through that, industrial hemp-based products were legalized under some conditions, which included that the THC ratio of these products would be kept less than 0.3 percent. But as soon as the CBD products started coming into the market, there was an immense surge of wellness enthusiasts waiting for this moment to happen, and CBD products started selling like hotcakes. The majority of people who used CBD said that it had worked wonders for them, and because of this positive word of mouth, the demand for CBD skyrocketed. This made CBD’s popularity reach other parts of the world, including Europe, Africa, South America, and soon this industry became a million-dollar firm.

Versatility of CBD

Another added advantage that CBD possesses is that it is a versatile compound and can be incorporated in many different products. Today there is so much saturation in the wellness market regarding CBD products that you would point at an item, and there are high chances that it would have a CBD alternative to it. In the current scenario, there are hundreds of CBD products and brands working in the market. This is the advantage that CBD has as even if it’s a supplement, taking it doesn’t feel like taking a regular wellness medicine. Today CBD is available in the form of CBD edibles that include CBD candies, CBD chocolates, CBD tablets and capsules, and many other products. Apart from that, CBD is also found in topical forms like CBD creams and lotions that can be applied on the skin, and the unique type of CBD product is CBD in smokeable form. This works by including CBD oil in products like vape juices, which can then be smoked to get a CBD dose.

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Effects of CBD

Now coming to the actual topic of this discussion. What are the effects of CBD on the human body? As we discussed earlier, CBD is derived from Cannabis, and Cannabis was used to treat ailments like a pain since ancient times. So is the case with CBD as it has derived many of its potential benefits from Cannabis. Although there are very few scientific backing behind CBD’s actual effects, whether it does work or not, official bodies like the FDA and FSA don’t approve any CBD products. Even after all this, avid users say that CBD has solved many of their underlying conditions and issues. CBD’s versatility can be judged because it is used to treat both physical and psychological issues.

People take CBD for ailments like pain, headaches, stomach issues, skin related problems, and relieve stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Now the first FDA-approved Cannabis-based medicine has been introduced in the market that is used to treat epilepsy. So the conclusion is that CBD is still a very new product, and many trials and studies are being carried out on it. But the fact that can’t be ignored is that there are many positive benefits of CBD according to those who have used it. Still, it can’t be denied that CBD has a very long road ahead of it.

CBD The Most Unique Compound In History

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