CBD Oil for Runners
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CBD Oil for Runners

With the advent of CBD oil, the world-wide-web has become inundated with information – some good and some bad – and you find it hard to ascertain what is real and what you should believe. This is understandable and also disconcerting.

 To help separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, we’ve done some research to help you. We have found 5 science-based facts about CBD oil for runners, and we’re excited to share them with you below.

5 Facts Based on Science for Runners Who Use CBD Oil

1.   It Might Help Relieve Inflammation

If you are a runner, you are no stranger to inflammation. The body takes a beating from running, and while it is great for your health, on the one hand, it is horrible for your joints, on the other hand. Inflammation is the result of trauma to the bones, joints, and muscle tissue. 

When you turn an ankle, the resulting sprain and swelling are inflammation. Knee pain and painful tendons are also symptoms of inflammation. These can be debilitating for runners. 

Most runners will take NSAIDs over the counter. This gives some relief but can also wreak havoc on the stomach from prolonged use. NSAIDs are also not advised with certain prescription medications. 

CBD is a fantastic alternative. Research shows that it provides as much relief as NSAIDs without the side effects and impact on the liver and kidneys.

2.   It’s an Anxiety Reducer

Performance anxiety is a genuine problem for many runners. The night before a race is possibly the most important sleep of your life, and anxiety keeps you awake and causes a sluggish performance the next day.

 This is certainly not what you deserve after months of conditioning and training before race day! Multiple studies show that CBD can alleviate anxiety and also improve sleep. An extensive case study has shown that CBD appears to improve sleep and reduce anxiety. 

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If you bite your nails, you have anxiety. Many people have forms of anxiety without realizing that they do. CBD can help improve focus and clarity for those with anxiety and suddenly realize that they aren’t biting their nails anymore.

3.   Take CBD and Enjoy Feeling In a Better Mood

Improve your mood and improve your life. Your moods can play a huge role in how you perform.

 It impacts your training and if you stick to your training schedule. Depression can hinder your goals by decreasing the desire you feel to accomplish them. Motivation is tough to cling to when you don’t feel in the mood to run. Research is proving that CBD can have a dramatic antidepressant effect on lab animals. 

It may improve your focus and help you maintain even moods if you’ve had a problem with depression and mood swings in the past. 

Those with depression, autism, bipolar, and other forms of mental health challenges have found that CBD helps improve their focus, moods, and clarity of thought.

4.   Recover From Training Faster

All athletes understand that recovery is crucial to training. Each time you workout, whether it is running or lifting weights, the body is pushed to its limits. Muscles are broken down, and experience trauma each time you train. 

Traditionally, athletes take a day off to recover between training sessions. CBD oil has been shown to aid in the recovery process when taken immediately following your workouts.

 It helps the body to return to its normal state as quickly as possible, boosting the healing capacity into high gear. 

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When training for a marathon or ironman competition, you are essentially torturing your body during the training process. Being able to recover fully is critical so that you don’t cause injury. An injury will put you out of training for days or even weeks.

5.   Relieve Chronic Pain of Old Injuries or Medical Problems

Running is bound to cause some wear and tear on the skeleton. For many runners, knee pain can become chronic, but other injuries can also become problems for a runner.

Old back injuries can become more painful as you age, for example. Some people enjoy running, despite having chronic painful conditions that are genetic or related to long term illness. CBD can help take the edge off chronic pain, like arthritis, and enable you to continue doing the running you love. 

Those with neuropathy often find that CBD gives them incredible relief from the pain and tingling characteristic of this issue, impacting many with diabetes.

In Review

CBD is available in many forms, thanks to research and creativity. Companies now produce CBD in creams, edibles, lotions, capsules, tinctures, and more.

The products are widely available in all fifty states in America but are not necessarily legal in all countries. If you plan on traveling to another country for a race, be sure to check before you are caught with it at the airport upon arrival.

CBD is accepted for use in athletes now. The anti-doping agency, the USA AntiDoping Agency (USADA), allows for CBD use in competing athletes but consider that full-spectrum CBD oils and products may contain THC, and this would not be acceptable. Stick to a THC-free product that is CBD only. 

These can be found as CBD isolates, meaning that CBD has been isolated safely from other cannabinoids present in the plants, producing a THC-free oil that will give you all the relief afore-mentioned, without triggering a test result that could exclude you from a race.

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CBD only contains .03% THC in full-spectrum products. If you are unconcerned with THC in your system, these products are considered legal in all fifty states. 

They are produced from hemp because it is lower in THC, naturally. CBD is extracted from hemp, and the oil is then used for many types of CBD products, while the hemp fibers can be used in other products. 

Hemp seeds contain no CBD or other cannabinoids and are often sold in grocery stores as food additives that benefit heart health. It’s a fantastic product that helps many people. There are research statistics and data to prove it. 

CBD Oil for Runners

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