CBD Oil Benefits for Better Dental Health
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CBD Oil Benefits for Better Dental Health

As a dentist, I’ve witnessed that people usually have a toothache at the most inopportune times, like the weekend when the dental offices and oral surgeons’ offices are closed. That usually means for a few days, they need to try to calm things down. So instead of using potent medications and over-the-counter remedies that could cause some gut problems and acid reflux, I always recommend the more gentle holistic approach such as CBD oil for any oral problem.

CBD oil has many general health benefits, but in this article, I will talk about how it affects your dental health. Research has shown that CBD oil actually helps to treat gum disease. There was a study where gum disease or periodontal disease was induced in rats. There were two groups of rats, a control group that did not receive the CBD and the experimental group. At the end of the trial period, the study concluded that the rats given the CBD had much less bone destruction and healed much faster. In addition, their gums were much healthier than the rats in the control group that did not receive the CBD.

It is not uncommon for us to have patients who come into our office and have high anxiety, have acute or chronic pain, or even some inflammation. However, the main use of the CBD oil that I have used in dentistry is for anxiety. So, even if you’re not a normally anxious person, the CBD actually has a function that’s not sedating; it’s just like having a couple of glasses of wine without any of the loopiness. So, if you wanted to try some with your dental appointment, you would place it below your tongue and sit for a little bit while it soaks in. 

There are several ways to use CBD oil, and the most common way is to use the oil tincture because there are so many blood vessels within the mouth, so it is a quicker uptake. Typically an oil would be used in dropper form, and a few drops placed below the tongue and held there for 30 seconds to reach your bloodstream. Once there, it can take about 30 to 60 minutes for the effect of the CBD oil to be noticed, and it can last anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. So, an oil could be taken in the morning and then again in the evening should you need it.

There is not always a set dose per person. However, it is recommended that you start slow and in low dosage. Then, give it a few days to a few weeks to determine if that’s the right dose for you, and if you’re not feeling relief, then you can add another dose during the day.

Since CBD does tend to reduce inflammation but doesn’t kill bacteria, you can also try CBD on your toothbrush when brushing your teeth since it can penetrate inside and underneath gums. Another way that you can use CBD oil to improve your oral health is oil pulling. You can put CBD oil into your coconut oil or whatever you use as your oil pulling or carrier oil and swish it around using the oil pulling method

CBD oil is such a beautiful, natural, safe approach that could help calm us down, relax us, and at the same time help to fight the infection by relieving the inflammation and swelling, but also help us sleep better too. Personally, I’ve seen a lot of people close to me that it really benefited from CBD oil, and then I started researching it more. So now I’m involved in many medical groups with other doctors for using it in dentistry or medicine for its therapeutic effects.

I have also been taking it myself to help me when there is a lot of stress at the dental office. So, I’ll have a couple of drops, and it really gets me through my day, and it’s great, so I think it’s beneficial. 

While it’s generally regarded as safe since there are no reported side effects or dependency issues, it is always important to contact your physician before making sure that there are no contraindications with medications. Generally, there is not, but for some medications, it can cause them to work a little bit better or a little bit less than they normally would when CBD is taken with it at the same time.

Dr. Peter Wong

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Dr.Peter Wong, affectionately known as Dr. Peter by his staff and patients, has helped hundreds of patients achieve their dreams of the ultimate smile. He is happily married and has two wonderful children, Isabella and Christian. Dr. Peter enjoys blogging and spending as much time as possible with his family.

CBD Oil Benefits for Better Dental Health

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