CBD Oil and Massage Guns
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CBD Oil and Massage Guns

Massages are one of the most used practices in treating painful symptoms affecting the musculoskeletal system.

This technique generally focuses on specific problems such as chronic muscle pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle or the consequence of incorrect posture and following an injury. Useful in treating tendonitis, sciatica, sports injuries, and even muscle tensions or spasms, massage is a particularly effective therapy, surpassing pharmacological, chiropractic, and acupuncture treatments. Also recommended against fibromyalgia pain, it allows for immediate improvement in moving without any consequence or contraindication.

The trend in recent years has increasingly seen the use of CBD oil as an adjunct to massage by virtue of the countless therapeutic benefits it can bring. So let’s see how the benefits of massage can be easily maximized thanks to cannabis oil.

Because CBD oil can be used for massage

Its strong pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties are proverbially known as CBD oil. Consequently, countless physiotherapists and masseurs have chosen to introduce it in the practice of massages among the many vegetable oils and ointments commonly used.

The therapeutic efficacy of this practice that sees the combination of ‘ oil of hemp Sativa massage is now acknowledged by the most ancient and authoritative schools specialized in therapeutic massages and scientific literature. Massage and manual manipulation aim to soothe the pain by facilitating muscle relaxation. The exact use of concentrated oils that help relax the body reduce inflammation helps assist the healing process while increasing the efficacy and effects of the treatment.

Manual massage for therapeutic purposes is one of the best known and best-known practices since ancient times. Yet, many and equally different techniques have been refined and perfected over the years thanks to the study and practice of professionals who have made knowledge of the body their job.

If only until a few years ago massage was considered a pleasant and relaxing ” habit, “today this practice, thanks to the derivatives of medical cannabis, has assumed such importance as to make up for many pharmacological therapies. Therapies that have been successfully replaced at the therapeutic level by manual manipulation using an oil CBD or cannabidiol are helpful for their proven pain-relieving and decontracting action and in promoting immune functions relieving anxiety, stress, depression, and improving blood and lymphatic circulation.

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The entire scientific community shows a continuous and growing interest in the use of cannabis in the therapeutic field and the benefits given by the winning combination of THC And CBD: important are the results obtained thanks to the massage with hemp oil or CBD oil, used in the management of chronic and acute pediatric pain caused by cancer, as well as by autoimmune and muscular diseases such as fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis. The effectiveness of massage with CBD oil testifies to this, as does the growing spread on a large scale of this healthy and beneficial habit.

Some easy to learn decontracting massage techniques

Qualified personnel generally practice decontracting massage based on considerable knowledge of the human body and the musculoskeletal system. This technique is carried out through specific manipulations aimed at dissolving the contracture, thus relieving the tension in the muscles.

If not done correctly, they can make the massage ineffective or aggravate the already compromised situation, thus increasing recovery times.

However, it is possible to practice a light decontracting massage using al oil Legal CBD, focusing only on areas commonly affected by muscle tension such as shoulders, back, neck, and lower limbs.

The main maneuvers that can be practiced alternately during the massage with CBD oil are the following:

  • Fractionation and brushing: consists of delicate movements practiced circularly, using the palms of the hands;
  • Rubbing and kneading: both maneuvers must be practiced by rubbing the painful part more vigorously, taking care to remove a “folds” of skin, pressing it lightly between the fingers;
  • Pressures: practiced once again with the palm, in a semi-closed position, practicing a light force through the use of the fingertips only;
  • Pinching and percussion: maneuvers identified by light pinching alternating with light “slaps,” both practiced on the affected area.

It is important to keep in mind that the intensity with which manual manipulations must be carried out varies according to the area to be treated: if you rely on ” do it yourself, “it is essential not to exceed with force and pressure but always maintain a certain delicacy, to reduce the risk of seriously compromising the muscle, increasing its tenderness.

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The CBD Oil applied independently can undoubtedly relieve pain, reducing inflammation and contractures. However, a resolutive therapy always requires the intervention of qualified and competent personnel and a cycle of sessions defined according to the problem to be treated.

Relaxing massage techniques within everyone’s reach, which you may not know

To carry out a relaxing massage, for example, on the back, using CBD oil, it is essential to choose a comfortable environment, place the subject to be treated in a lying position, and keep the spine perfectly aligned.

In this case, it is essential to have cannabis oil of excellent quality in such a way as to guarantee a beneficial, relaxing, and soothing effect. In addition, a little soft music, candles, and incense will make the atmosphere even more welcoming, further promoting muscle relaxation.

Once again, it is possible to make use of a series of relatively simple techniques to implement: a minimum of manual skills will allow favoring the relaxation of the muscles, dissolving accumulated stress and tension, without any contraindication.

The main ones are:

  • Effleurage technique: once the cannabis oil is in warm hands, proceed by stroking the back from top to bottom and practicing a light touch. It is necessary to use the palm, making long and wide circular movements, always from top to bottom, to follow the blood and lymphatic microcirculation.
  • Petrissage technique: in this case, the movements must be short and circular, practiced with greater pressure in such a way as to promote circulation, alternating the use of the palm, the fingertips, and the knuckles.

To the simple techniques illustrated, percussion and kneading are added: short and repeated touches alternating with the rhythmic movement of the hands in compressing the tissues. In this way, relieving the tensions accumulated during a hard day at work will be even easier, thanks to CBD oil with a muscle relaxant and soothing action.

Relaxing facial massage techniques

Using CBD oil, it is possible to perform an effective facial massage with a massage gun for relaxing and antioxidant and anti-aging action by the effectiveness of the active ingredients of cannabis contained in it. Once again, the maneuvers that can be practiced are common to classic massage and designed to stimulate the skin and facial muscles.

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They are also useful in this case.

  • Kneading: This simulates the action of kneading the muscles by relaxing them rapidly. However, this maneuver can be applied to large areas and, in the case of the face, to the cheek area where the tissue appears more consistent.
  • Friction and percussion: both characterized by delicate circular movements performed using the palm and fingers, allow you to tap the skin of the face, stimulating circulation and favoring the penetration of the active ingredients contained in the CBD oil.
  • Pinching: practiced through the use of the thumb and index finger
  • Touching: at the end of the massage, it allows you to relax the skin and muscles through a kind of gentle caress.

Also, regarding the face massage, all the maneuvers must always be practiced from the bottom up and from the inside out. It is preferable to assume a supine position to make this technique even more relaxing, thus ensuring greater well-being and comfort.

CBD oil for massage: which product to use?

The choice of CBD oil to be used to practice face and body massages must be prudent: it is, therefore, better to prefer oils with high concentrations of active principles, obtained by working processes of the inflorescences that do not compromise in any way the organoleptic properties, consequently reducing their therapeutic efficacy.

Therefore, it is essential to always rely on reliable and authoritative retailers, able to guarantee the safety of the proposed products, always affixing the necessary certifications on them, without any compromise, thus benefiting from the considerable benefits of cannabis.

CBD Oil and Massage Guns



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