CBD Mints and its Effects

CBD Mints and its Effects

CBD mints combine the power of therapeutic herbs and plants to create safe, all-natural blends that are always tested to ensure purity. Very popular with those who want the right amount of CBD to fit their productive life, these mint micro-doses allow you to choose the right amount of cannabinoids to suit your system and create a feeling of homeostasis in your body. Our experts carefully select herbal synergists that enhance the CBD experience and focus on specific effects:


Restore the balance of mind and body with these regenerating CBD mints. Herbs Espino, Ashwagandha, and Verbena Limon were selected to calm and lift your spirits, work together to give you peace of mind, and the ability to think clearly to help you on any day.


Our CBD-infused ginger mints are all-natural and soothing for those in need of some relief. Enriched with aromatic herbs such as chamomile, basil, and lemongrass, selected to relieve physical and emotional discomfort. They are made to cheer you up on those days when a regular mint isn’t enough. The naturally spicy flavor of ginger is an invigorating alternative to traditional mints and serves as a great palate cleanser.


Our CBD-infused mints combine herbs that synergistically target both those who have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep—formulated to calm even the busiest minds and help the day fade away, sending you into the world of dreams.

Its Benefits

Adding Cannabis to the menu brings many advantages, as long as consumption follows some care. Thus, it is possible to enjoy chewing gum, cookies, bars, candies, chocolates, oil, and butter (which can cook sweets or snacks). These are some of the products that can be found in American states like Colorado and in countries like Canada and Uruguay, which allow the use of Cannabis for the production of edibles.

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Many of these products contain THC, the “high” part of marijuana. Others contain CBD, the non-psychoactive compound often used for medicinal treatments.

The practical advantages of using Cannabis in food are many: consumption becomes more discreet, as it does not involve the characteristic smell of marijuana. Therefore, it can be consumed at any time. It also doesn’t have the distinct flavor of smoked cannabis, and it doesn’t harm the lungs – a significant factor in patients with lung cancer.

The psychoactive effects of THC in consumables are the same as inhaled: relaxation, stress relief, appetite, and mood improvement. The difference is in the time of arrival of the effect and the duration.

And therein lies the greatest risk of consuming edibles for adult use. As the effect can take from 30 minutes to two hours to happen, some people end up eating more than the adequate amount, which can cause various health problems. In addition, they tend to last longer, which makes edibles and inhalable ones inadvisable for those who are going to drive or do any activity that requires concentration and precision.

Edibles are especially interesting for use in medical treatments (with CBD). Like edibles with THC, their effect takes longer to kick in, but it’s much longer-lasting when it does. There are edibles exclusively for treatments (only with CBD) and the mixed ones, which contain both CBD and THC, in the most varied dosages.

The important thing is to always pay attention to the amount consumed and remember that the effects take time. For beginners, it is recommended to start with a low dose of THC, from 5 to 10mg, and not consume more for up to 4 hours.

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CBD Mints and its Effects



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