Cannabis-Friendly Travel in 2022
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Cannabis-Friendly Travel in 2022

Top 7 World Cities to Get Stoned in 2022

Medical and recreational marijuana is now legal in many US states, meaning there is a store at the corner when you need some weed, whatever the occasion. As a result, sales have skyrocketed in the last year, and most users are expected to keep the demand up through 2022. But which world cities are the best to get stoned in now outside the US? We list them from last to first.

Nimbin, Australia

This city, located in southern New South Wales, Australia, is home to the annual Nimbin Mardi Grass festival. You can imagine all the fun that is had during this time and the amount of weed that is smoked. This area is such a melting pot because of the sheer vastness of cultures represented here. The residents are a collection from several parts of the world that merge to introduce something new and electrifying. The local hash, Mullumbimby Madness, is a must-smoke while there.

Oakland, California

California was the first state in America to legalize marijuana in 1996, so it makes sense that it would be on this list. Add to that the $3.8 billion made annually from medical and recreational marijuana sales, and you are home. Oakland is dubbed “Oaksterdam” for its “coffee shops,” bud-stores, and even a college for weed – Oaksterdam University. In addition, the area has its fair share of alternative medicine centers that cater to marijuana users.

Christiania, Denmark

This small part of Copenhagen has declared itself free, with locals even christening it “Freetown Christiania.” The policy here is simple; no hard drugs, so weed passes and can be used quite liberally. As a country, Denmark has not decriminalized marijuana, and the only reason this small town gets away with it is because of the cessation. You can buy and use weed freely here, though sometimes the authorities crackdown on spots where it is sold. On top of being a smoker’s paradise while in the country, Christiania has some nice spots to check out while traveling for fun.

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Barcelona, Spain

It is not a crime for residents to use and grow small quantities of cannabis for personal consumption in Spain. However, it is a crime punishable by law to use in public. The country’s proximity to Morocco means residents get high-quality weed with little effort. So, why should you check this city out during your travels? They host “Spannabis” and High Life Expo, both dedicated to responsible stoning. The zones to position yourself when you are touring Barcelona and in need of smoke are Las Ramblas, Plaça Reial, and Carrer Escudillers. So, as long as you smoke in private residences or are careful while smoking publicly, this city is great.  

Negril, Jamaica

First thing you don’t want to do while in Negril is roll a joint near a police station or law enforcement officer because weed is illegal in Jamaica. What you can do is smoke discreetly while enjoying your reggae, scenery, and good vibes that are all reminiscent of this bright island. Apart from having some of the world’s best beaches, this town is filled with friendly people that will not hesitate to lend a hand when you need some information. For context, reach out to the nearest cab driver or Rastafarian, and they will point you in the direction of a fairly-priced weed dealer.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver’s #1 weed spot, Vansterdam’s Pot Block, is the ideal place to be when you want to smoke some great marijuana. Here, the stash is readily available from “secret” stores that sell some of the best weed, and you can smoke it in public in recreational parks or at home. Police usually have no issue with smokers, so you don’t have to look over your shoulder each time you take a puff. This reason makes it a top destination for getting stoned this year and beyond.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

And the highest accolades go to *drum beat*… Amsterdam started this “legalize cannabis” business because you could buy hash at the counter of coffee shops for years now. Every other city in the world is only playing catch-up. It’s also home to the annual High Times “Cannabis Cup” held each November, so this earns Amsterdam more points. 

Technically, cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands, but the authorities reached an agreement with its residents. They can buy weed from government-regulated coffee shops but only consume these products inside the shops. Smoking weed is still unallowed, but the government separates it from cocaine and heroin. Since this status has been on for two decades, we rate this touristy destination as the best city to get stoned in 2022.


Now you know the cities where you can get stoned without too much hassle. The world is slowly warming up to weed, except strictly religious countries. So, over time, we can hopefully expect to smoke a blunt freely everywhere. But, for now, you may want to sample these global locations.

Cannabis-Friendly Travel in 2022



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