Cannabis and Diabetes: How to Use CBD Oil to Rebalance Blood Sugar
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Cannabis and Diabetes: How to Use CBD Oil to Rebalance Blood Sugar

Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent) is a metabolic disorder that is combined with high sugar levels. This type varies from the first insulin-dependent type, in which a production of insulin by the pancreas reduces or stops altogether. How does CBD work for diabetes? How to take CBD for diabetes? In this article, we will tell you why cannabidiol plays a crucial role in controlling sugar levels. Read on and find out all the details.


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How is CBD Good for Diabetes?

The California survey involved 10,896 people aged 20 to 59. All participants were divided into four subgroups:

  •       the first – 54.5% – have never used CBD;
  •       the second – 36.7% – had previously taken cannabis derivatives and CBD products;
  •       the third – 5.5% – consumed it from one to four times a month;
  •       the fourth – 3.3% – is a group using CBD regularly in any form.

719 survey participants were found to have diabetes mellitus; 116 of them were injected with insulin. 98% of all patients had type D2.

Among the non-users, 6.3% of diabetics were found. Those who have consumed any CBD products in the past – 2.9% have diabetes, those who have occasionally used – 1.9%, and regular users – 2.0%.

If you combine all the former and the regular, it turns out that CBD reduces the risk of getting sick by almost half – by 42%. Even considering age, weight, tobacco, alcohol, blood cholesterol levels, and other factors affecting the development of diabetes, it is nevertheless noted that disease rates are significantly reduced among former and current CBD users – up to 36%, i.e., by a third. And this is a stunning result.

CBD use Improves Sugar Metabolism

Blood Sugar Meters

The second large project had involved 4,657 adult men and women who were asked about health and nutritional conditions.

Researchers at Harvard University and other scientific affiliates surveyed recipients about consumption and measured their morning fasting blood sugar and insulin levels:

  •       12.2% of those surveyed had used CBD products at least once in the past month.
  •       47.7% have tried it at least once in their life, excluding the past month.

Compared to the 40.1% who had never used CBD, the actual users were men, young, and smoked tobacco.

A low sugar level is shown in morning urine tests, characterized by a low morning insulin level.

The second type of diabetes is determined by the body’s resistance to insulin because through the reaction of cells rejection, their main food – sugar – is blocked. Consuming CBD pills for diabetes improves sugar metabolism. Regular users show the best results, depending on the CBD dosage.

If we take a closer look at the three groups, it is noticeable that the sugar exchange indicators are in the best values ​​among those who consume CBD. The indicators of the former closely pursue them.

The researchers believe that CBD’s effect on insulin and insulin resistance is proportional to the shortening of the pause between intake and blood count.

Does Cannabidiol Help with Type 1 Diabetes?

The above studies have focused more on type 2 diabetes. Experiments by Israel scientists, conducted on animals and already published in 2006 and 2019, give hope that CBD could be useful in type 1 diabetes.

In the course of the research, the experimental mice’s insulin-producing cells were exposed to inflammatory effects for 4–5 weeks, which should have provoked the development of diabetes.

Mice that received 10 to 20 injections of CBD (0.5 mg per 100 g of body weight) at 6–12 weeks of age showed a 30% reduction in disease incidence than untreated controls. In the blood of animals of the control group, the indices of the inflammatory mediators IFN-gamma (Interferon) and TNF-alpha (Tumor necrosis factor) were significantly increased. Thus, CBD injections reduced these mediators’ content in mice’s blood by more than 70%.

Scientists rightly believe that such a confirmed effect of CBD “allows the clinical use of this substance for the prevention of type 1 diabetes” and is entirely appropriate for use in the prevention of certain immune diseases.

It is also known that many patients with confirmed type 1 diabetes at the time of diagnosis still have a sufficient number of insulin-producing cells intact. It is these patients that could become promising candidates for immunosuppressive diabetes treatment.


Diabetes patients benefit from two other main effects of cannabis. First, it helps to keep the blood vessels open and thus improve blood circulation. CBD is a vasodilator and improves blood flow. Second, cannabidiol can lower blood pressure when used for a long time. While CBD is not generally considered an antihypertensive drug and cannot be used as a substitute for ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors, it certainly helps lower blood pressure, vital in diabetes.

Have you ever tried CBD for diabetes? What was the result? Do not hesitate to share your experience in the comments below.

Author’s Bio: Rae-Rae is a pharmacist and organic supplement researcher. She loves to discover new properties of various combinations of nutrients. Rae-Rae writes various CBD product reviews for CBD Shelter.

Cannabis and Diabetes: How to Use CBD Oil to Rebalance Blood Sugar

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