Cannabis And COVID-19: Could CBD Stop The Pandemic?
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Cannabis And COVID-19: Could CBD Stop The Pandemic?

Could cannabis help cure or prevent COVID-19? Since at least the first quarter of 2020, the question has been in the middle of an evolving discussion that has gone international. Studies have also been launched on several continents. However, even the cannabis media has been cautious about reporting them in the wake of false news allegations of all kinds, especially during the earliest days of the global crisis. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also been quick to target companies making false claims.

However, the link between cannabinoids and COVID is real. And the indications are that treatment with high CBD strains of the plant and high-quality extracts could help alleviate symptoms if not provide a natural preventative.

The Cannabis-COVID Studies & R&D In The Pipeline
Photo Credit: R&R Medicinals

The Cannabis-COVID Studies & R&D In The Pipeline

The latest study, carried out by investigators at the Dental and Medical Colleges of Georgia, indicates that cannabidiol (CBD) could help patients avoid ventilators and the acute respiratory distress caused by the disease. The researchers have suggested that their findings show that pure CBD can help the lungs recover from the overwhelming inflammation or “cytokine storm” caused by the virus. The researchers also intend to perform similar studies to understand how CBD might help other organs recover from the virus’s effects.

However, this is far from the only investigation into the topic.

A study at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada, revealed at the beginning of July that certain kinds of high CBD strains could help treat people infected with the virus or even prevent it from developing in the first place.

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As of July 20, a Columbian cultivation company has teamed with a Mexican biotech partner to research the drug’s effects on the disease behind the Pandemic.

In Israel, there are no fewer than 13 different companies and trials involved and underway on the same line of research inquiry, of which several are also looking for partners abroad.

If there was any doubt that the 2020s would be the decade of the “Inevitable” if not “Essential Industry” for cannabis, these developments surely put the same to bed.

The Essential Oil Industry

The Essential Oil Industry
Photo Credit: Enecta Cannabis Extracts, Unsplash

Given how fast and furiously such research bears results, the end of the tunnel for further delay on full and final cannabis reform, globally, could have just arrived. That does not, however, mean that further immediate, no-pain reform is imminent.

In Europe, as just one example, the European Commission (or EC) has halted the fifty Novel food applications it has pending (until September), so it can consider the question of whether even CBD is a “narcotic.”

The discussion over whether cannabis itself has medicinal qualities and recreational uses will also be in the room as the continent stares down the barrel of a potential natural cure to the disease and economic development from the industry.

One thing is for sure: the cannabis debate is just beginning in Europe, no matter the already rough going. If medicinal quality CBD turns out to be the panacea for COVID, there will be little to hold the industry back – including regulatory hurdles.

However, this is also a part of the conversation, particularly in Europe; what it may force all producers to do is become highly certified – and this is not a cheap process.

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If cannabis the plant (all parts of it) are considered, literally, as good as gold, then the entire industry itself seems destined to be ruled by regulations made for a medical market.

An Economic Development Boon
Beyond the immediate hurdles looming at the EC, however, it is easy to see what this kind of development might do for economies all over Europe. Spain hit hard by the lack of tourism engendered by the Pandemic, might have just found its miracle cure. What it might also do for communities in Italy, Greece, and other places ravaged by the disease, is a history that is still to be written.

Whatever the case, the close association of the medical research into the plant and COVID-19 could not come at a better time in the global discussion about full and final cannabis reform.

The details, if not the final classifications, are sure to shake out in the mix.

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