Blueberry - Why It is the most popular Marijuana Strain For pain relief since the '70s?
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Blueberry – Why It is the most popular Marijuana Strain For pain relief since the ’70s?

Blueberry is also known as Berry Blue, is one of the popular flavor-forward Indica hybrids. Blueberry has a robust genetic backbone created by blending three Indica Afghani, Sativa Thai, and Purple Thai variant parents. Blueberry is a valid A-list marijuana strain that customary status sailed to new tops after getting declared the Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica by High Times. But what is the cause behind the achievement of this marijuana strain among all strains? All of the above, who created this strain? And when did this strain get popular? Check out the below-mentioned details about the Blueberry strain that will help you to answer all your queries:

What is Blueberry Strain?

As mentioned above, the Berry Blue or Blueberry strain is a great combination of three variants such as Sativa Thai, Purple Thai, and the last one is Indica Afghani. Blueberry gives a relaxing effect by creating a long-lasting feeling of euphoria with its sweet, earthy, pungent, and fruity flavors of fresh blueberries. It has a 17% THC level, 1% CBG of Cannabinoid, and Myrcene Dominant terpene.

Why is Blueberry the most popular Marijuana Strain For pain relief since the ’70s?

Blueberry is still one of the popular strains nationwide since the 1970s. When fascinating landrace strains of medical marijuana were being operated with—the long-lasting effects of Blueberry strain helped ease stress and pain. Specialists and medical marijuana growers appreciate the rich color shades of this plant. Here is the detailed information about the history of Blueberry strain along with the info about its founder, benefits, side-effects, and more:

Who Discovered Blueberry Strain?

The name of the creator of Berry Blue is Daniel John Short or DJ Short, who is a Detroit native, but currently working out of Oregon. His innovative skills of blending and breeding marijuana strains gained him a place in the Hall of Fame by High Times Seed Bank, honoring “brilliant pot pioneers and trailblazers” and also highlighted as “The Willy Wonka of Pot.” He gained fame by writing a book named “Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis: An Expert Breeder Shares His Secrets” in 2003 as well.

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Short has acquired his passion and dedication for creating award-winning super strains by blending Sativa and Indica varieties of medical marijuana from his Romanian great-grandmother. She was a gypsy cultivator who planted marijuana and other herbs for medicinal objectives. His great-grandmother passed down her collected knowledge and skills to her daughter. Even DJ Short’s family had a history of growing and using medical marijuana for treatments, but his first taste of weed didn’t come from his family’s pharmacy. He got this taste by purchasing a bag to get rid of his depression due to his parent’s divorce. He had medical marijuana at the age of 14 to save his life. After six tries, he encountered a high dose of medical cannabis that gave him an unbelievable urge to consume an omelet. This adventure provided him with the appetite he needed and set him on his path to creating new breeds and blends of medical marijuana.

History Of Blueberry Strain

After knowing the benefits of the consumption of medical marijuana, DJ started researching medical cannabis/marijuana products to get more effective results. He frequently started to balance the delicacies of the weed with excellent wines after detecting that most cannabis specialists utilized an olfaction chart that is much similar to the wine wheel.

After all the research and examination in the 1970s and 80s, he found a range of Sativa-Indica blends strains named Delta-Nine Collection. These strains were scented as berries and honey. Among all these strains, his Blueberry was one of the strains that were soon to be famous. Using three Indica Afghani, Sativa Thai, and Purple Thai variants, he created this strain to create a precariously euphoric body high and narcotic drug. This strain has got its popularity till these days.

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What Are The Benefits Of Blueberry Strain?

Blueberry strain is a useful drug for those dealing with short-term distress because of exercise or injury or long-term continuous pain associated with nerve damage or illness.

It can also assist patients in relieving some of the troubling signs of anxiety, stress, and Posttraumatic stress disorder by building a physical relaxation effective to facilitate a sailing, pre-occupied brain. Blueberry can also influence a night of deep and lasting sleep by serving as a remedy to fortified insomnia.

Side-Effect Of Blueberry Strain

Along with all these benefits, Blueberry has some side effects as well. People who used blueberry strain fussed about the typical dry mouth, red and dry eyes, dizziness, paranoid behavior, and some of them complained about the headache as well.

What Do You Need To Grow Blueberry Strain?

You can grow Blueberry strains indoors or outdoors without any hassle. But if you are willing to extend this strain outside, you will need to maintain the limiting circumstances, such as average humidity and constant daytime temperatures within 70 to 80°F.  You can cultivate the blueberry plants in indoor areas more easily than outdoors because they grow short and bushy. The plants are infrequently passing four feet in extent along with solid, parallel branching.

The Blueberry plants also have a pretty affirmative leaf-to-bud proportion, which means they need minimum shortening of wide fan blades. The plants of blueberry strain Bloom less than ten weeks when planted inside and set for yield outside areas in mid-October. After maturing, the blueberry plants have moderate to high results. You can get around one to one and a half ounces of flower/ft² of plants.

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How To Acquire Blueberry For Pain Relief?

As you know, the Blueberry strain is one of the effective solutions for pain relief. Still, you can not purchase or use Blueberry strain due to the strict rules of the state governments. You will need a recommendation from a licensed doctor. This recommendation will help you get a legitimate medical marijuana card issued by the state government, which allows you to possess or acquire blueberry and other cannabis products without legal hassle. Even this MMJ card allows you to access high-quality and high-quantity of medical marijuana and blueberry strains that can not be possible without it.

Blueberry – Why It is the most popular Marijuana Strain For pain relief since the ’70s?



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