Best Practices for Cannabis Cultivation
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Best Practices for Cannabis Cultivation

CBD has become immensely famous, and its cure-all properties have turned it into a billion-dollar industry. As people see a lot of potential in this ever-growing business, they want to invest in it at every level. Those who want to invest in the Cannabis growing business need to learn about many factors: plant density, light intensity, fertilization, pros and cons of indoor and outdoor growing, etc.

Cannabis Cultivation: The Changing Attitude

As the demand for cannabis increases, the industry needs to switch to large scale production. Until now, the production of the cannabis crop was driven by the demand for CBD and THC.

The demand is also increasing exponentially with the quick legalization of these products in many countries and extensive research on cannabinoids and phytonutrients. However, large-scale hemp production comes with different requirements, and here is what you need to know about it.

Gain Deep Knowledge About Cannabis

Many cannabis growers are still confused about how the maximum yield can be achieved. Hemp farmers need to determine if the maximum yield can be obtained from the whole cannabis plant or the buds only. The cannabis plants are being studied on the metabolic profile, genotype, and chemotype of different cannabis plant strains.

Optimizing Yield and Quality

Several variables dictate the quality and annual yield of the hemp crop, plant density variety, duration of the flowering stage, light intensity, vegetative and flowering phase, etc.

Research has shown that if you want to increase the Cannabis sealed per square meter, you should opt for the following measures:

  • Keep the plant density Low, for example, less than 12 plants in a square meter.
  • The flowering span should be at least nine weeks.
  • Ensure the maximum absorption of chlorophyll by using HPS lamps.
  • Go for a robust fertilizing regime and make sure to know about the type of fertilizers required during the vegetative and flowering phases.
  • Manage light intensity in such a way that it is energy efficient and perfectly balanced CBD accumulation.
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Extensive research on these traits can only be carried out if we have the complete genome profile of the cannabis plant. Scientists need more metadata before making more promising cannabis growth optimization strategies. Studies show that adopting agronomic practices and pruning cannabis plants at the right time is essential to maintain the quality of both medical and recreational cannabis. As more and more health benefits of hemp and its related compounds surface, the growers and the manufacturers need to focus on the quality of the crop and its products. People are using them to seek relief from symptoms of several health problems.


Mia is a Cannabis Scientist and Content Director at Marijuana Facts Today with extensive experience managing and implementing a Quality Assurance process of manufactured cannabis products before distribution. Mia loves to share her deep knowledge in the Cannabis industry to help our readers filter out the noise and stay on top of crucial industry news.

Best Practices for Cannabis Cultivation

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