An Outstanding Review of Cannabis, Marijuana and Other Products
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An Outstanding Review of Cannabis, Marijuana and Other Products

It is undeniable that cannabis is growing a huge deal in terms of popularity around the globe. Across the United States, many newcomers want to get to that point where they can clearly distinguish between cannabis and marijuana. There is also a select group keen on understanding the hemp plant and all there is to learn about it.

A close outlook

You need to understand that cannabis is one of the new arrivals for the mainstream stage. However, this point shouldn’t mislead you to think that cannabis was introduced just the other day. The history of cannabis goes a long one, and there is quite a lot that we could learn from the plant. We know about science in modern times that arise from cannabis, and it is time to dive in to learn much more about cannabis.

Explaining the differences

Most people I have come across so far will speak about the terms hemp and marijuana interchangeably. Without proper knowledge on the subject, it is easy to get lost in between. The point that such people fail to understand is the fact that it is very wrong to assume that the different words refer to the same thing. I understand that the three different words are connected in a way, but is it wrong saying that they mean the same thing. There is a pretty close connection, I agree, but you should know the differences that exist. Read on:


Cannabis happens to be a genus of plants comprising of marijuana, hemp, and even more. Understand that it is for this same reason that cannabis has always been used as an umbrella term in referring to marijuana and hemp. Getting top that point of clarity matters and thus gets to terms that the cannabis genus consists of some wide-ranging strains that pull along with some unique chemical properties.

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The easy way to look at hemp is by considering it as a section of the major cannabis family. Some high cannabinoid levels characterize hemp, also commonly referred to as CBD.

Do you happen to be one of those more inclined to use products such as cooking oils, creams, and lotions? Take a close look, and you will probably notice CBD as one of the most important ingredients in the making. The hemp seed oil is quickly becoming a major ingredient that continues improving most products that we consume every day.


Let me start by outlining that marijuana falls under the cannabis genus. The term marijuana, in most cases, serves as a great descriptive term whenever one speaks about the cannabis Sativa species. In its typical form, marijuana consists of a cannabinoid known as THC. However, that is not to say that THC is the only component because there are more in varying amounts. Different states in the US have their own rules and regulations. For instance, in a Florida state, you must have the Florida MMJ card to buy or consume the product.

An outlook at the different cannabinoids

The first important thing you need to understand is the relationship between marijuana, cannabis, and hemp. From that point, you could move a step further to understand why the associated differences count. In this case, I’m referring to the cannabinoid content. The other term that is commonly used when referring to cannabinoids is phytocannabinoids.

Cannabinoids can best be described as some naturally-occurring compounds found in plants belonging to the cannabis genus.

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Bear in mind that the cannabis genus is a vast one, and each of the species found within it bears some varying proportions of the cannabinoids. One of those happens to be THC and CBD that are quite popular in modern times.

An important point you must learn is that the different cannabinoids pull along with some outstanding properties. Those properties happen to be the ones directly impacting the consumer experience. In some other words, those properties are the genius behind the different experiences we encounter upon interaction with the different cannabinoids.

The difference in THC and CBD properties should help you determine the product that works for your specific needs as a cannabis consumer.

You probably understand that both CBD and THC are closely linked to the human endocannabinoid system, but you should learn more. For instance, you should understand that each of the strains is unique when it comes to the associated properties.

We all have our unique needs, goals, and expectations for the intake of wide-ranging products. We should focus on our specific needs when it comes to settling down for any particular cannabinoid.

The difference between THC and CBD and why it matters

When out there to make purchases, we might feel challenged choosing a particular strain or product that augurs well with our needs. However, the good thing is that different products have some labels that could guide you well. Such labels will tell you about the different percentages of THC and CBD and, if possible, the other cannabinoids present.

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Bear in mind that the essence of drawing a clear distinction between CBD and THC is the secret to shopping more confidently next time. The rule of thumb is to know how THC and CBD each play their roles towards enhancing your experience. We all have our own goals in terms of the experiences that we desire. In that case, we should focus our minds on consuming products to reach those goals. You may want to check out the THC and CBD ratios of the products on sale before making your final selection. Money isn’t easy to come by, and thus it matters investing in value when it comes to purchasing the wide-ranging CBD products.

An Outstanding Review of Cannabis, Marijuana and Other Products

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