A Brief History of Cannabis
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A Brief History of Cannabis and Its Impact on the Textile Industry

Cannabis that was once a controversial drug in many places worldwide is now getting accepted in many areas. This plant has been given many names like weed, pot, and, most importantly, marijuana. Today some people believe it should be accepted in society, while many others think it is a gateway drug. To give you more beneficial insight into this plant’s status through the times, here is some history of this plant. This article will tell you about the history of cannabis, the usage of pre-roll packaging in the cannabis industry, and the impact of cannabis in the textile industry.

History of Cannabis

Cannabis has been known to humanity even before the birth of Christ. There is evidence of this plant being used for religious ceremonies by shamans in the past. Later, this plant was used to make medicine, as food, as an intoxicating product, and make paper. The use of weed as a food and for making paper can be surprising for you, but these two are legit uses.

You can find a famous drink in South Asian countries known as “Bhang,” which is made with this plant. As for making paper with cannabis, its fibers are suitable for making both cloth and paper. Our ancestors utilized this plant for making paper and cloth. A surprising fact is that the word canvas is derived from cannabis.

So, a common question is how a plant with so many uses becomes illegal suddenly? On a national level, cannabis became an unlawful drug around 1937 and lasted until 96-97. Many people believe it was marked illegal because of its association with the Mexicans. But, at the same time, other theories suggest it because of its intoxicating nature and the fear of it being a gateway drug.

Whatever the causes were, the reality is that it has been illegal for a long time. In 1996, California was the first state to lift bans from it in the form of medical cannabis. Today, many other states have joined in as well. Now, it is also legal for recreational purposes in many states. But still, some states do not allow cannabis products at all.

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A number of those states allow low THC variants of cannabis that come under the name of hemp. These plants do not cause intoxication and addiction. Instead, they have many mental and physical health benefits because of CBD. It is another cannabinoid that is getting a lot of attention because of its medicinal qualities.

In 2018, a bill was accepted that allows people to grow hemp in controlled environments. So, the status has changed a lot over the years. A surprising fact is on a national level, cannabis is still illegal, which makes its status very confusing. However, from how things are going, it is expected that cannabis will become openly legal in the upcoming years.

The Market of Cannabis

Even after such a controversial status of cannabis, the market is still flourishing. Today there are dozens of banks selling their cannabis or hemp-based products in the market. Every part of the plant is being used nowadays, from the leaves and stems to its seeds. Where the leaves and stems are used for making hemp pre-rolls, flowers, or other CBD or THC-rich products, the seeds are used to extract oil or eaten directly for protein. So, there are many great uses of this plant in nature.

As for the commercially available retail products that are either hemp-based or cannabis-based, there are many products. You can find flowers, oils, pastes, a complete range of edibles, vape cartridges, and much more. A range of products that are especially famous around the world is cannabis pre-rolls. By cannabis pre-rolls, I mean both hemp and marijuana pre-rolls collectively.

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I work with the packaging industry, and from the high demands for cannabis pre-roll boxes, it is easy to get an idea of how vast their market is. Every year, new brands enter the market with their range of cannabis products. However, CBD dominant products are higher in demand because of their non-intoxicating nature and the health benefits surfacing every day.

Hemp pre-rolls have become so much famous that many brands have started to crowd the market. As a result, many of them count on their packaging and promotions to attract the customers’ attention. As a result of such an increasing number of brands and demands from the market, packaging for cannabis products has become a category of packaging solutions. As a result, it is supporting many vendors in the market.

A Brief History of Cannabis and Its Impact on the Textile Industry

Cannabis has come a great way from being completely illegal throughout the states to getting legalized for medicinal and recreational purposes. This amazing plant that was thought of like a gateway drug is now helping people with mental and physical illnesses. So, cannabis products have started to reclaim their amazing history with their better understanding from humans this time.

Impact of Cannabis in Textile Industry

Does hemp have the power to take over cotton? The history of Hemp fabric is ancient. However, as countries like China continue their economic boom and increase protectionism- using them will seem like an even better idea with all of our clothes being made locally instead of overseas!

The fashion world is going hemp! As more and more people learn about the benefits of this versatile material, luxury hotel chains like Westin have jumped on board to offer products made with a “no-waste” process. Influencers such as Bella Thorne also partner with brands that use sustainable production methods for their clothing lines.

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Patagonia has launched its own line featuring some popular styles from previous seasons fashioned out of hemp instead of synthetic materials or natural fibers, which might require deforestation to harvest them. With so many great things coming our way thanks to innovation, one can only imagine what we will wear ten years down the road when everything goes green.


Cannabis has been a part of human culture for centuries. However, in recent years, cannabis legalization and decriminalization efforts have increased the availability of this plant with many benefits, including its use in textiles. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how cannabis is impacting the textile sector, as well as some interesting facts from our brief history lesson on the pot!

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A Brief History of Cannabis and Its Impact on the Textile Industry

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