7 Essential Tips for Taking Care of a Cannabis Farm
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7 Essential Tips for Taking Care of a Cannabis Farm

So, you have decided you want a cannabis farm. There is more demand than ever before, but what do you know about growing cannabis? How much do weed seeds cost? Do you know about cannabis seedlings, cannabis leaves, or how to tend to a cannabis field?

It takes more than simply watching a cannabis video. It would be best if you had the proper tools like a backpack sprayer and the knowledge to go along with it. Here is what you need to know.

7 Tips For Taking Care of a Cannabis Farm

Seven tips, in particular, will help you get started and on your way to a quality harvest. There is nothing better than experience, though, so it may take some time to find your niche and get a great harvest.

1. Choose Cannabis with Good Genetics

For some, cannabis is a hobby that holds potential as a business venture. But, if you want to start growing your crop, it begins with plant genetics. Learn all about nature genetics, compound genetics, and exotic genetics.

Each strain has its own set of genetics, which means that there are impacts to be felt in the growing process. Some strains have more difficult genetics, which means it’s more difficult to garner a truly bountiful haul. When you better understand the different strains, genetics, and types of cannabis, you put yourself in a better position to produce better growth.

2. User Proper Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is one of the most crucial steps in growing cannabis. Does your crop need direct light? Long lighting? What if you plan to grow indoors? Will you need interior lights? There is a lighting reference that should be followed for each strain.

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Far too many amateur cannabis farmers focus on cutting costs. But instead of worrying about affordable lamps, worry about what it takes to get quality growth. It might take a little more time, effort, and resources, but you will benefit when you get your to grow right sooner. Cheaper does not mean better.

3. Increase Cannabis Quality with Natural Nutrients

As important as lighting is, it can only do so much if your cannabis is not getting the proper general hydroponics nutrients. There are pure nutrients, organic nutrients, total digestible nutrients, and non-essential nutrients to consider.

Each strain requires its own set of cannabis. Finding the best soil for cannabis comes down to the strain that you plan to grow. There is no universal formula for growing quality cannabis. You have to do your homework, know your strain of cannabis, and know what nutrients it needs to produce a quality grow. It may take a little trial and error as well, so have patience.

4. Consider Climate and Geography for Growing

Another factor that plays into growing cannabis is a temperate climate. But what is a temperate climate? It isn’t quite as hot as tropical, but it requires staying above freezing temperatures. When the temperature falls, your cannabis plants may be under duress and won’t grow properly, if at all.

Know the climate pros and cons in your area before investing in a grow. You may find that the continental climate is not suitable for yielding a proper crop. There is nothing worse than getting a crop down only to find that the climate was never suitable in the first place.

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5. Pruning and Topping Cannabis for Fatter Buds

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of growing cannabis is cannabis pruning. Learning to prune cannabis can yield healthier, fatter buds properly. If you are doing an LST cannabis grow, you will need LST training. Cannabis LST means low-stress training.

You can’t just start topping cannabis plants, or you may over trim. That can have precisely the opposite impact, leaving your cannabis leaves damaged and unable to grow fully. Take the time to learn how to perform trimming and topping. The last thing you want is a quality grow to be ruined by improper trimming.

6. The Best Time to Harvest Cannabis

Climate is important, remember? Well, a quality harvest dispensary understands that there is a time to harvest cannabis. Therefore, when you learn how to harvest cannabis, one of the first things to learn is when to harvest.

Harvest for health and recreation comes down to a lot of factors for proper growth. First, focus on the spring period to begin harvesting. This way, you should be able to yield a crop well before the temperature drops. You can grow into the fall but watch out for plummeting temperatures – when temps get near freezing, it can have disastrous results for your yield.

7. Tips for Curing and Drying Cannabis

It would be best if you also learned how to dry cannabis and how to cure it. Curing cannabis is a delicate process that can ultimately influence the final product. Curing buds for the best taste takes skill and knowledge that can be difficult to understand right away.

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Take your time to read about the curing and drying process. Try copying a proven method first, and then, when you feel comfortable in the process, you can branch out and try your methods. As you can see from each of the tips laid out above, growing cannabis can be a delicate process. Nevertheless, give yourself a chance for success.


With the right knowledge and tools, anyone can get started growing cannabis and tending their farm. However, it will take time to find the right methods and develop the best possible haul regularly.

But it starts with these simple tips. Then, you can take these tips and adapt them over time, finding the right combination to unlock the best possible crop. And don’t get discouraged. There is no substitute for experience, and with some practice and time, you can become an expert when it comes to taking care of a cannabis farm.


Author – Liam Mills

Bio – Liam Mills is a Supplier Quality Assurance Manager, expert, and founder of ValueHunta.

7 Essential Tips for Taking Care of a Cannabis Farm



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