6 Weed Hacks That You Need To Know 
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6 Weed Hacks That You Need To Know 

Stoners’ Guide: 6 Weed Hacks That You Need To Know 

Needless to say, smoking weed is one of life’s great pleasures. Ask me; I have a pretty stressful routine. I have a 9-5 job, a lot of rents to pay, a family along with their endless rants. Do you know what keeps me going? It’s the weed.

My routine often leaves me tired and drained, and that’s when I light up a joint to unwind my mind and body. Trust me; there’s nothing more fun than being stoned. The high and euphoria it provides me with keep me going.

I know you must be thinking about how crazy it is and the side effects it brings along. Well, it isn’t as harmful as people perceive it. In fact, weed brings along a lot of health benefits.

It works incredibly well in relieving stress and anxiety, alleviating body aches and sore muscles, regulating blood flow, eliminating fatigue, and improving sleep quality. It is precisely why people from around the world enjoy smoking weed every once in a while.

If you’re up for trying it, here, I have six of the most remarkable weed hacks. After all, what’s the point in smoking weed if you’re not going to enjoy it? Thus, the following hacks will be beneficial for you.

A Splash of Mint 

A Splash of Mint 

A lot of people smoke weed, but they fail to experience the real fun. One of the most innovative ways to enjoy weed to the fullest is sucking on a mint alongside.

Here’s what I do, I suck on a mint while preparing the joint. When it goes out of flavor, I keep it on the side of my mouth and smoke weed. It instantly enhances the taste of weed.

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If you’re a smoker, you’ll know that weed often causes cottonmouth, which is pretty uncomfortable. Having a mint or any candy will help prevent cottonmouth. It can also control the munchies so that you won’t stuff yourself afterward.

Create a Mantra 

Although smoking weed is quite exciting, it can make you paranoid if the amount isn’t handled correctly. It happens to everyone. I remember the last time I smoked a joint; I lashed out at a friend after that because I was too paranoid and confused.

Thereby, creating a mantra that helps you stay relaxed is a wise thing to do. It could be anything. All you need to do is talk to yourself; even a ‘this too shall pass,’ or ‘you’re okay, and it’s temporary’ would suffice. The purpose of creating a mantra is to relax.

So if you’re ever feeling low or paranoid after smoking a joint, silently repeat this mantra and keep talking to yourself. It will certainly help.

Choose the Right Strain 

There are a lot of marijuana strains available in the markets these days. You must research and choose a strain carefully as every strain has a different composition. Therefore, each strain provides you with a different high.

You can easily find a suitable strain; for example, if you want to relax and sleep peacefully, I recommend you take an Indica strain. It relaxes your body and mind at the same time while inducing sleep naturally.

On the other hand, you should go for a Sativa strain if you want an energy boost. Sativa strains boost energy and increase creativity as they uplift the part of the brain responsible for performance. You check weed online to find the best suitable option.

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Add a Drop of Honey 

Add a Drop of Honey 

How irritating is it when the joint burns quickly? Though I haven’t tried it myself because I don’t usually roll my joints by myself, I’ve heard that adding honey to the joint prevents it from burning too quickly.

What you need to do is add a little honey to the rolling paper before creating the joint. It will not just prevent it from burning, but it will also make it smell and taste better. After all, you’ll be smoking some honey in combination with marijuana.

Smoke Before the Meals 

A lot of people complain about munching after having a joint. Well, there’s a smart way to combat the issue. Start smoking before mealtime. It’s one way you can avoid overeating that often happens after smoking a joint.

What makes it more interesting is the fact that food tastes even more delicious when you’re high. Apart from that, it gives a feeling of fullness earlier, so you actually eat less than you used to.

Wrap it Up 

How do you store the weed? Do you buy a small quantity for one-time use? Well, buying it every other day can be a hassle. It is precisely why people prefer buying it in stock. It saves money and time.

Storing weed can be a little tricky. It’s no surprise that heat and light can negatively affect the quality and texture of the weed. The question is, how can you prevent it? How to keep the weed safe? It’s simple. You can create a black curtain.

Confused? Alright. Have you seen a construction paper? It’s thick and dark. Wrap up the weed into a construction paper before storing it in the weed jar. It’s as simple as that. It will protect the weed for days and months.

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The Takeaway 

Before wrapping it up, I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with getting high every once in a while. Thereby, it would be best if you never judge yourself for it.

Life is pretty fast these days, and due to our hectic routines, we rarely find time for ourselves. Weed is something that can effectively take off the pressure while relaxing us in the meantime.

Henceforth, I believe getting high now and then is worth it. Everyone deserves some ‘me time,’ and there’s no better way to enjoy some space than smoking a joint. Rest assured, the tips I’ve shared above will make your smoking experience even better. Hack your heart out, guys!

6 Weed Hacks That You Need To Know

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